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1 Gallon Black Plastic Nursery Pots In Bulk

Summer sowing carrots are more serious, occurring 5 generations a year, and adulthood occurs from April to September(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Eggs are scattered on the ground. Generally, the amount of the year is high in July-August, and the cold area does not occur. The roots were filled with 48% lesbian cream 500-800 times; 50% phoxim 1000 times(36 cell propagation trays wholesale); 40% dimethoate 1000 times root irrigation; 90% crystal trichlorfon 1000 times and other root irrigation treatment. Adults live 11 to 28 days.

After mating, more eggs are laid near the veins, yielding or several aggregates(nursery plant pots), with an average of 250 eggs per female. The egg period is 3 to 11 days. After hatching, the larvae ate the mesophyll. After 2 years of age, they ate on the leaf back, leaving a translucent upper epidermis. After 3 years of age, the food intake increased greatly, and the leaves could be bitten into holes(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). In severe cases, only the veins were left, causing the vegetables to lose their goods value.(1 gallon black plastic nursery pots in bulk)

Adults crouched out at night, hiding in the shade of field plants during the day, and flying short distances between plants during the disturbance(gallon pot). The larvae are very active, and the amount of occurrence is very different from year to year. Adults have strong phototaxis, and they need to take nectar to supplement nutrition(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). The protection and the help of Plutella xylostella were significantly effective in reducing the natural population of Plutella xylostella.

From November to March of the next year (the cruciferous vegetable planting period), the number of occurrences is the most, the most serious(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). But wait for a while and then return to the leaves along the line to continue feeding. The larvae are 4 years old and have a developmental duration of 12 to 27 days. The mature larvae are often phlegm and phlegm near the veins on the back of the leaves, and also on the dead leaves of the ground(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). The flood season is 4 to 8 days.

(1 gallon black plastic nursery pots in bulk)Reasonable layout, try to avoid the annual cropping of cruciferous vegetables, is a preventive measure to inhibit the occurrence of Plutella xylostella(cell trays). The Solanaceae crop has an insect repellent effect. The timely removal of residual leaves after receiving vegetables can reduce the number of insect sources(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the peak period of adult worms, a black light can be trapped every 10 acres of vegetable land to trap a large number of Plutella xylostella adults.

Apply Bacillus thuringiensis preparation Bt emulsion or 500-700 times solution of larvae 6 or granulosis virus(square grow pots), and apply female pheromone "cis-11-hexadecene acetate" or "cis-11-hexadecene" "Aldehyde" traps male moths, applies 20% diflubenzuron 500-1000 times solution, or 5% inhibition Taibao, Nongmengte, and Kadike 2000 times solution have better control effect against resistant diamondback moths(plastic plant trays wholesale). Long, should be used as the main means of controlling Plutella xylostella.

In short, carrots are common vegetables in the cultivation of our terrace gardens(large plastic terracotta pots). Although it is the hottest moment of the year, and there are many vegetables that are worth planting, adults and nymphs will quickly turn back when they are disturbed or The silk is falling, generally 5% Regent (Fipronil) suspension or 10% depletion (worm nitrile) suspension 2000-3000 times solution(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers); 20% bromomethrin EC 3000-4000 times solution Good control.(1 gallon black plastic nursery pots in bulk)

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