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Chinese toon is a popular wild vegetable variety in recent years(5 inch plastic plant pots). It has been widely cultivated in many areas of our country, and it has become a way for local villagers to get rich by planting Chinese Toon in many areas. Today, let's learn how to cultivate Chinese toon on a large scale(9cm pots). The best planting time is late autumn and early winter.

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Although the temperature drops during this period(plastic hanging baskets suppliers), there is enough time for slow seedling before winter, which can promote the early germination and rapid growth of seedlings in the next spring. In addition, the latter can also be planted before germination in early spring(4.5inch square nursery pots). The planting plot requires thick soil layer, loose soil, convenient irrigation and drainage. multi-layer and cluster.

(1 gallon fabric grow bags manufacturers australia)Now, before planting, the soil should be turned over deeply, the drainage and irrigation channels should be well built(seed germination tray), and the base fertilizer should be 5000-7000 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer per mu. Chinese toon is a deep rooted tree species, with obvious main root and fine lateral root(heavy duty seed starting trays). 2-3-year-old seedlings should be planted to minimize the effect of lateral root fracture on the survival rate.

After transplantation, sufficient water should be poured to fix the root(rooting tray). After water infiltration, the root should be covered with soil to form a mound to ensure the survival rate(10cm plastic pots). The young trees can be sprayed with new high lipid film, which is conducive to heat preservation and moisture preservation, isolation of diseases and insect pests, and shortening the seedling delay time.(1 gallon fabric grow bags manufacturers australia)

In addition to high-density planting in greenhouse, Chinese toon can also be cultivated in general and dwarf close planting(hydroponic tray price). For the cultivation of common Chinese toon forest, the plant row spacing should be 5 m × 7 m, and the management method is similar to the traditional sporadic planting(4.5inch deep square pots). In recent years, it is more popular, convenient to pick and has higher output. However, the ground temperature did not drop. 

In the early stage of Chinese toon cultivation, the pruning is mainly based on the shape, which is also different according to different cultivation methods(5 inch nursery pots).  If the main root is too long, it can be pruned properly to promote the growth of lateral buds, but the fibrous root should be kept as much as possible(seed sprouter trays). Dwarfing and close planting cultivation, the general plant row spacing is 40 cm × 50 cm, 3000 plants per mu. 

(1 gallon fabric grow bags manufacturers australia)The pruning of cultivated Chinese toon is more flexible(1 gallon grow bags), which can achieve the goal of high trunk, good ventilation and lighting, large harvesting area and stable yield. In order to increase the yield of Chinese toon, many methods such as picking the center, cutting short, flattening the stubble and girdling were adopted to promote its Dwarfing and multiple branches(seedling trays wholesale). The branches are 20-30 cm long, and then the heads are wiped.

There are two kinds of dwarf toon tree forms: The first layer is 70 cm high, the first layer is 60 cm from the second layer(black plastic planters), and the second layer is 40 cm from the third layer. The tree has a high overall shape, sufficient lignification and stable yield. In the latter, when the height of the seedling is 1 meter(rice seedling tray), the top shoots are removed, new branches are left, young leaves are picked, and the top buds are not picked.

Try to remove the obstacles affecting the drainage or correct the position of the gasket on the drain hole at the bottom of the basin(plant starter pots). Generally, in the early stage of Chinese toon growth, sprouts should be removed in time to avoid nutrient loss(plastic potting pots). The planting depth should be equal to or slightly deeper than the original soil mark to ensure that the root system does not expand.(1 gallon fabric grow bags manufacturers australia)

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