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1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags Suppliers In China

The bottle grass looks like a bottle with a lid(square grow pots). It can catch insects when the bottle is perfect. If there is a plant at home, it is a natural insecticide. How can the bottle grass be raised? First of all, it can endure the high temperature of 40 ℃ and the low temperature of - 10 ℃(large plastic plant pots for trees), while the subspecies in the North should be more resistant to the low temperature, generally can endure the cold of - 25 ℃.

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But only 30% humidity is enough, so it is suitable for maintenance at home(plug trays wholesale). From the warm and humid swamp to the cold and dry wasteland, Botrytis can grow happily. The medium of cultivation can not be too fertile soil, because Botrytis can absorb nutrients by catching insects(teku pots). If it has enough nutrients, it will strike and catch insects. The soil can be pure water moss (dried peat moss), or a 1:1 mixture of peat and perlite.(1 gallon fabric grow bags suppliers in china)

In order to plant Botrytis successfully, the temperature in summer should be 21 ~ 35 ℃, and in winter 1 ~ 7 ℃(16cm plastic grow pots). Botrytis purpurea is a kind of hygroscopic insectivorous plant. Therefore, it needs a very wet environment to grow vigorously. Under the condition of artificial cultivation(one gallon plant pots), if the waist water jacketed basin is used for planting, the water can be directly poured into the jacketed basin or poured until the water in the jacketed basin is full.

(1 gallon fabric grow bags suppliers in china)If seedlings are planted with leaky common pots, it is necessary to keep watering 1 times a day and spray in order to create high humidity conditions(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Especially in hot summer months, the number of watering can be increased to 2 times, so as to compensate for the shortage of water quickly(1 gallon plant container). In spring and autumn, the sun and the big temperature difference between day and night make the bottle turn into a gorgeous purple.

The purple bottle grass likes sunlight, as long as it can receive direct sunlight below 30 ℃(19cm plastic grow pots). In order to make potted plants grow fast, it is necessary to apply fertilizer regularly. Common insect pests are red spider and aphid. It can grow in the swamp for many years in the wild(3 inch nursery pots). Good permeability, keep roots cool in summer. Fertilization should be carried out every 3-4 weeks. It is pollution-free. 

The method of application can be spray or spray, or the diluted liquid fertilizer can be poured into the insect catcher for absorption(20cm plastic grow pots). The fertilization concentration of Sargassum is 2000-5000 times, and the application of dilute liquid fertilizer is beneficial to the rapid absorption of plants(7 inch plastic plant pots), especially the concentration of liquid fertilizer in the insect catcher should be paid more attention to.(1 gallon fabric grow bags suppliers in china)

The diseases and insect pests are mainly caused by the planting environment, such as bad ventilation, too shade, too cold or too hot and air pollution(23cm plastic grow pots). Once we find out, we can spray Omethoate or dicofol 1000 times. The disease is mainly caused by the root rot of water moss(two gallon pot). At this time, the basin should be changed in time to remove the old plant materials, cut off the rotten roots and then replant with new plant materials.

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