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1 Gallon Nursery Grow Bags Suppliers In China

The most important thing to do with Taxus chinensis as a bonsai is ornamental(bulk pots). When the new shoots of the trunk are semi lignified, bend the trunk to one side and fix it with "Z" or "s" shaped wire. Bend the trunk to the other direction in the same way(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). The first bend at the base is 15cm away from the soil surface, and make a bend every 10cm.

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The curvature should be small at the top and large at the bottom(20 gallon nursery pots for sale), and the height of the tree should be root Depending on the size and location of the flowerpot. All the buds on the main rootstock are wiped out, the top tip of the scion grows 15-20cm short(50 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the secondary branches with 3-5 directions and appropriate angles are selected to be cultured as the main branches.(1 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers in china)

When the main branches grow to 40-50cm, the center is removed, and 3-4 branches are selected to be left inside each main branch(potting containers wholesale). The secondary branches are stretched down with ropes or wires to make the branches spread or grow down. However, the general use of moist soil cutting, but still need to pay attention to the details(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). Winter is a good time for pruning and shaping. 

When the branches grow to 15-20cm, the center is removed, and the secondary branches are left on the branches(viagrow nursery pots), repeatedly picking the heart, forming an umbrella. Control the water quantity and do not water too much. If the withered yellow leaves in the lower part of bonsai fall off seriously, it may be that the branches below grow too dense(105 cell propagation trays wholesale), and trim off a few branches of the branches below.

Pruning can be any shape, so as to trim it into umbrella, tower, circle and other shapes(14 inch plastic plant pots). Pruning and shaping the old plants can reduce the nutrient consumption and is conducive to the safe wintering of Taxus miniascape. In addition, the activity of rhizobia is the most vigorous when the broad bean is evenly mixed(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). The dead leaves and branches grafted by Taxus chinensis should be removed in time.

(1 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers in china)Note that once the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, it is not suitable to trim(soil block trays). Through the renovation and reshaping in time, the ideal trunk, plump lateral branches, complete, symmetrical, compact, firm and beautiful tree shape can be cultivated. Here is the introduction of Taxus miniascape pruning(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Add corn flour and strain. Not too thick. After cutting and watering the fixed root water, generally do not rush to water again. 

The cutting of Taxus chinensis, especially in the north, should be handled carefully(14 inch plant pot). If the culture medium is relatively dry, the cuttings cannot be forced into the medium, which may damage the cuttings and affect the survival(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). If you are not sure, you can also use a tool to poke a hole in the substrate, and then insert the cuttings into it and compact the soil around the cuttings.(1 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers in china)

But after watering, pay attention to observe whether the bottom of seedling box or small flowerpot is too wet or there is water(288 plug tray). Because cuttings can't be soaked in high humidity or water, otherwise it will easily lead to the rotten phenomenon at the base, and finally lead to the failure of cuttings(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the leaves on the cuttings become dry and wilt, the small braid can spray water to moisturize and pay attention to shade at the same time.

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