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1 Gallon Plastic Containers Suppliers In China

Inappropriate watering is another common cause of yellow and fallen leaves in small sandalwood pots(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, if the soil and flower pot have poor drainage effect, the water accumulation in the pot will be more likely to occur(20 gallon grow bags). Then the root system cannot breathe normally, and it will also hinder the ability of the root system to extract.

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Plants also suffer from yellow leaves falling off due to lack of nutrients and water supply(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). We should grasp the scale of watering in the process of conservation management. The container seedlings with a height of 30-40 cm are effective, and the seedlings that are too high should be cut and reforested(plastic planters online), and the row spacing is 2 * 2 meters. It can be controlled with 1: 100 Bordeaux solution or 1000% solution of 50% carbendazim.

(1 gallon plastic containers suppliers in china)It is recommended to water the pot soil after it is dry(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), to master the principle of seeing dry and wet, so that the potting soil can always maintain the wet state required by the plant. Red leaf sandalwood bonsai rarely causes yellow leaves and dropped leaves due to insufficient nutrients(germination pots). Because red sandalwood has a strong adaptability to the soil environment, and the requirements for potting soil are not high.

But if the potting soil itself is very barren and has not been able to replenish nutrients in a timely manner(24 cell seed trays). Potted small leaf sandalwood can be fertilized with a solution of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in a diluted solution during the seedling or young tree growth period. If due to insufficient nutrients(5 gallon plant container), a small amount of compound fertilizers or mineral additives can be buried in the pot soil to improve the nutrients in the soil.

It likes strong light, the most suitable temperature is 20-30 degrees, Xiaoyetan has a hot and humid climate, the lowest can be 2 degrees(4 cell seed starting trays). Because there are less bonsai soil, you can't cut off water when you go out. In the later period, the only nutrients in the soil are also consumed, not watering, and watering, yellow leaves and falling leaves may still appear(7 gallon fabric grow bags). Pests can be controlled with trichlorfon.(1 gallon plastic containers suppliers in china)

Usually, if the root system of P. sylvestris is submerged by accumulated water for a long period of time(6 cell plant trays), the root system of P. sylvestris is developed and has nodules, which can fix nitrogen. The soil is not strict, but it should be selected as a high-yielding forest. Fertile land, pay attention to the sun(shallow plastic plant pots). The afforestation is from March to May, and adjustments are made according to the rainy season in various places.

(1 gallon plastic containers suppliers in china)Therefore, the planting holes are 50 * 50 * 30 cm, each hole is about 250 grams(shallow 1020 trays). Topdressing compound fertilizer twice a year, 200 grams per plant, weeding and straightening the trunk before fertilizing for the first 3 years(5 gallon grow pot). The main pests control seedlings and young trees are easy to get anthracnose and nevus (the leaves become black after discoloration). If watering is excessive, naturally the soil in the pot will be too moist. 

In addition, with an average annual temperature of more than 25 degrees(12 cell seed trays), an extreme minimum temperature of 2 degrees, and annual precipitation of 1100-2200MM. Seedlings are susceptible to freezing damage below 3 degrees. Not tolerant to shade, flowering and fruiting 6-8 years after planting, flowering from April to May, and fruiting from September to October(3 gallon fabric grow bags). Likes humid and hot climate growth.(1 gallon plastic containers suppliers in china)

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