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When the slope is small and the soil layer is thick, the sloping wall type should be built with soil, and the horizontal or internal sloping type can be built with terrace(162 cell plug trays supplier); the width of terrace depends on the slope and the spacing of fruit trees. The side stem is a facility to prevent the collapse of the ladder wall, which is located at the outer edge of the step surface(2 gallon pots wholesale), after each heavy rain, with a bottom width of about 40cm and a height of 30cm.

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The back ditch is a drainage and irrigation facility, which is located at the base of the ladder surface, with a depth of about 30cm and a width of 40cm(200 cell plant trays bulk). In the ditch, a slow water ridge is built every 5-10m, forming a bamboo section, leading to the main drainage ditch(2.5 inch square plastic pots). Pruning should be carried out according to the growth and bearing characteristics of fruit trees, natural conditions, cultivation and management measures, tree age and growth, pruning response, etc.

(1 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers uk)Generally, the position of fruit trees should be 3 places from the outside to the inside of terrace(32 cell plant trays bulk). When new orchards are built on slopes, equal height terraces shall be built first, and then trees shall be planted. For example, the stratification of kernel fruit trees is obvious, and the tree shape is usually in the form of evacuation stratification(plastic bonsai pots wholesale); the dryness of stone fruit trees is not obvious, and the tree shape is suitable for the natural open center shape.

The earth wall shall be compacted, and the stone wall shall be built firmly(50 cell plant trays bulk). After the ladder wall and the step surface are basically completed, the back ditch, the edge ridge and the step surface shall be excavated in turn. Wiping ditches is a measure of soil and water conservation to change long slope into short slope(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). Terraces should be built from the upper slope to the lower slope, and the terraces should be built while the steps are filled.

A small slow water dam is built every 5-10m in the ditch, which is called a small dam, and the one without a small dam is called a through ditch(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The height of the trench is about the same as the depth of the trench, the outer slope of the trench is slightly longer than the inner slope, and the trench width is slightly larger than the trench width(7 gallon plant pots). If the branching force is low, it should be more short cut, and if the branching force is high.(1 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers uk)

Pruning is a way to adjust the tree vigor, number of branches and light conditions according to the needs of fruit tree growth and fruit bearing(seed planting trays wholesale). The method is to dig (DIG) ditches on the slope surface according to the contour line, and put the excavated soil pile next to the downhill ditch to build a ditch, which is called wipe ditch(10 gallon plastic nursery pots). In the rainy season in summer, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out to repair the damaged trench in time.

(1 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers uk)Since the long slope is changed to the short slope and the runoff is intercepted by the trench, the erosion can be reduced(18 cell plug trays supplier); however, when the soil on the upper slope is raised to the lower slope, the slope between the trenches is increased compared with the original slope, so it is necessary to build several small equal height ridges between the trenches(25 gallon pot), or use grass or cover between the trenches to further intercept the runoff to prevent erosion.

Reasonable pruning can make the fruit trees bear fruit earlier(20 cell plug trays supplier), prolong the years of economic bearing, increase the yield and overcome the years, improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions, reduce the diseases and insect pests, improve the quality of fruit and enhance the resistance(rootmaker propagation trays). The angle of the main branch should be opened if the tree is upright, old trees grow weakly, and the branches should be raised if the tree is drooping or open.

Young trees grow vigorously, and they should be cut gently and put slowly when reshaping(40 cell plug trays supplier); trees bear more fruits in full fruit period, and are prone to large and small years, so they should be cut short appropriately, flower buds should be controlled, and the proportion of leaves and flower buds should be adjusted; and they should be shrunk, renewed and rejuvenated, it should be more sparse and less cut(15 gallon pot), and then the trees shall be planted.(1 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers uk)

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