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1 Gallon Plastic Plant Containers Wholesale

On the one hand, it can clean up weeds and reduce nutrient make up(gallon nursery pots). On the other hand, it is beneficial to reduce water loss and improve soil permeability. At the same time, after harvesting the fruit, arrange shallow tillage once, do not hurt the roots. Under normal circumstances, when entering the hard core period(2 gallon plant pots wholesale), the water content of the soil layer should be controlled at least 60% at 19~30 cm.

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In the rainy season, be sure to drain in real time(black plastic plant pots). The large cherries mature early, harvest early, and the leaves are earlier. It is better to use the base fertilizer in the autumn. It is applied before the fall of the season from mid-September to late October. The application rate of base fertilizer accounts for about 70% of the annual fertilization amount(1 gallon pots manufacturer). Generally, the saplings will have a manure of 30 to 60 kg or a pig manure of about 80 kg.(1 gallon plastic plant containers wholesale)

In general, large tree plants in the fruiting period are applied with 60-90 kg of excrement or about 100 kg of pig manure(square nursery pots). During the period of large cherry flower and fruit, the compound of the tree is usually 1.5~2.5 kg or 30 kg of human excrement; after picking the fruit (generally from late June to early July), each manure is 60~ 70 kg or pig manure urine 100 kg(2 gallon pots manufacturer), bean cake 2.5 to 3.5 kg, compound fertilizer 1.5 to 2.0 kg.

Large cherries are watered every year, hard water, post-harvest water, frozen water, and so on(seed starter trays). For the first 1-2 weeks before the harvest, the irrigation water should be made a small number of times. At the same time, do a good job of turning trees, straw covering, scientific fertilization, etc., to suppress the spread of pests and diseases(7 gallon pots manufacturer). Spring and autumn, real-time loose soil, seedlings planted. To this end, the base fertilizer must be applied year after year. 

(1 gallon plastic plant containers wholesale)Taking into account the green safety of large cherries, during the prevention and control of pests and diseases(wholesale greenhouse pots), based on agricultural control and physical control, biological control technology should be used. According to the epidemic characteristics of pests and diseases, chemical control techniques should be used properly to reduce the persecution of pests and diseases(propagation tray). Clear the diseased leaves in real time and pay attention to scraping the trunk.

According to the characteristics of epidemics of pests and diseases(greenhouse supplies pots), and the characteristics of their biological properties, at this time, the amount of water used for irrigation is large. Artificial release of Trichogramma, assisting and protecting natural enemies such as ladybugs, grasshoppers(plug trays), and predators, and using insect pheromones to interfere with adult mating. Soil topdressing is important in the flowering and fruit harvesting. 

The effect of late growth: the roots of vegetables begin to age, and the absorption capacity is poor(plastic grow pots). Foliar fertilization can make up for the lack of root absorption to ensure the normal nutrient supply and absorption of vegetables. When the vegetables are subjected to natural disasters such as droughts, frosts(gallon plant pot), pests and diseases, and phytotoxics, spraying the foliar fertilizer is conducive to the normal growth of the plants.(1 gallon plastic plant containers wholesale)

Avoid, big cherry is afraid of cockroaches(flat plastic tray). In this way, bio-based pesticides, mineral-derived pesticides, and low-toxic organic synthetic pesticides can be tried. According to the biological characteristics of pests, sweet and sour liquid, branches and grass ropes and black light are used to trap insects(cell trays). Valerian is 4 to 6 times a year and has a depth of 5 to 10 cm. 

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