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Maka is a plant belonging to the genus Anemone(72 cell propagation trays). The two main production areas are the Andes in South America and Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China. Maka has the best shape and taste. Generally, it is dried and salted. It has the function of nourishing and strengthening the body(105 cell plug trays). When sowing, the seeds were evenly spread on the bed surface and covered with 0.5cm substrate.

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Moreover, it can increase the accumulated temperature and reduce the frost through the greenhouse planting, so as to increase the production and income of Maka(200 cell seed starting trays). Now let's talk about the Yangtze River The planting technology of Maka in Greenhouse in the middle and lower reaches of China. The sowing amount per mu of land was 25-30g, and the density of flat plate sowing was 30g / m2(50 cell plug trays). In the middle of February, 5 kg urea can be applied every 667 m2.

(1 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers australia)It is necessary to apply sufficient base fertilizer, select full seeds and soak them in 50 ℃ constant temperature water for 20 minutes(32 cell plug tray), then soak them in 25-30 ℃ warm water for 6 hours, then soak them in 500 times solution of 50% carbendazim wettable powder for 1 hour, then rinse them with water, dry them and mix with substrate for sowing(72 cell seedling trays). In the middle and last ten days of September, the seeds were sown in a flat plate in the shed.

At the same time, after sowing, the flat plate is covered with sunshade net to keep moisture, which is conducive to the emergence of Maka(50 cell plug flats). Water the small braid timely to promote sprouting, generally 5-15 days. After the emergence of Maka, water should be replenished in the morning(105 cell plant trays). When the light is strong around noon and the temperature is more than 30 ℃, sunshade measures should be taken. 

When the temperature is lower than 30 ℃, the sunshade net should be uncovered to prevent excessive growth(104 cell seed starting trays). After 2 leaves and 1 heart, 72 acupoints were used to divide seedlings, and the shading net was removed according to the living seedlings of Maka for seedling refining 3-5 days after seedling division(128 cell seedling trays). The foliar fertilizer 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be sprayed 2-3 times.(1 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers australia)

At the same time, spraying 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution for 2-3 times according to the growth of seedlings(105 cell seed starter trays), and paying attention to spraying Carbendazim and imidacloprid to prevent diseases and insect pests. After the survival of Maka transplanting, the shed should be kept moist in the early stage(162 cell plug tray). With the decrease of temperature, watering should be reduced, and watering should be done frequently with less water.

(1 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers australia)Therefore, it is necessary to select the loam or sandy loam with deep, loose and fertile soil layer and good drainage which has not been planted in the previous crop in the greenhouse(32 cell seed starter trays). 1000-1500kg of organic fertilizer, 200-300kg of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and 10-20kg of compound fertilizer are applied to each mu of land(200 cell seedling trays). The temperature was relatively high during this period, so it was necessary to water frequently and ventilate more.

15 days before sowing(200 cell seed trays), deep ploughing, soil drying and fertilization should be done well, and border (width: 200cm, depth: 15-20cm) management should be done. In the first ten days of November, 5-7 strong seedlings with real leaves were selected for transplanting and planting(200 cell plug trays). The row spacing of the plants was 15cm × 15cm, 25000-28000 plants were planted per mu of land, and the root water was poured thoroughly.(1 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers australia)

In September, Maka began to raise seedlings(105 cell propagation trays). After transplanting, a drip irrigation device was installed. Maka was suitable for growing in slightly acid sandy loam, and at the same time, 1-2 times of medium tillage and weeding were carried out during Maka growing period(32 cell seedling tray). In the spring of the second year, the control of powdery mildew, Plutella xylostella, aphid and other diseases and insect pests can be ensured. 

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