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1 Gallon Plastic Tree Containers Wholesale Price

Some netizens consulted: There is no production of shiitake mushrooms(seed trays). In the past years, the shiitake mushrooms have been peeled off for more than ten days. They don’t know why the mushrooms grow out in so many days. What are the treatments for such problems? Introduce: the reason why the mushrooms do not come out after the field and the solution(7 gallon pots). The mushrooms do not produce mushrooms, and the following problems may occur.

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Prevention method: During the color change, the temperature of the mushroom shed is maintained at 18-22 ° C(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the relative humidity is 55-75%, and the scattered light is maintained, and the number of flipping is reduced. Do not flip when it is not necessary to flip(14 gallon pots). When the fungus skin is too thick, the mushroom bar should be softened by the method of heating the cover film after the water is soaked in the bacteria bar, and then stimulate the mushroom.

The temperature of the bacteria is not suitable, the nutrients accumulated by the hyphae are insufficient(plastic nursery pots), and no mushrooms or mushroomes (deformed mushrooms) are produced. Control method: continue to culture the bacteria bag under the condition of 20-25 °C, or pile up the fungus, cover the film to increase the temperature of the heap, and promote the development of hyphae(15 gallon pots). There is too much water in the base, and there is no oxygen in the base; too little water, no growth of mycelium.

It is necessary to judge according to the specific conditions(wholesale nursery pots). Some of the fungus rods are often too dark due to strong light, and generally form thicker thyroid bacteria, which makes the mushroom difficult. During the mushrooming period, the air humidity is too low, the surface of the bacteria bag is dry, the fungus skin becomes hard(20 gallon planter), and the mushroom buds are difficult to form. Prevention and treatment methods: pay attention to hydration and closed shed.

Prevention and treatment methods: ventilation and hydration can be used to adjust the dry humidity to promote buds(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Variety is not right, high-temperature varieties are cultivated at low temperature, and low-temperature varieties are used at high temperatures, making it difficult to produce mushrooms(1.5 gallon pot). Control method: Select suitable varieties and corresponding cultivation techniques according to local climatic conditions and cultivation season.

The temperature difference of low temperature varieties (long bacteria age) is about 8 °C, the medium temperature variety is 6-10 °C(3 gallon pots), the high temperature variety is 4-6 °C, the temperature difference is too low, and it is not suitable for mushrooming. In general, the hyphae can grow, and the mushroom should be no problem(2 gallon plant pots). Unless the pH of the hyphae or the water used in the water spray is not suitable, it will not cause the mushroom.

In order to let the narcissus bloom during the Spring Festival, it is necessary to master the time of soaking(black plastic nursery pots). The daffodil is usually soaked for about 45 days to bloom. Next year's Spring Festival is February 12, the water can be immersed in the lower part of the bulb. If the roots are not covered with water(25 gallon nursery pots), you can use some cotton to spread the roots to facilitate the absorption of water and change the water every day.

Control method: adjust the temperature difference between the shed and the temperature(5 gallon pots). There are two ways to raise water fairy, one is to carve it into different shapes, the other is to grow naturally. The water content of the fungus is uncomfortable, which directly affects the formation of the primordium, the differentiation and development of the fruiting bodies(10 gallon pots).  Control method: Check the pH with PH test paper. If the alkali is changed, the water should be changed in time.

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