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Tomato is rich in nutrition, and now the price in the market is also relatively expensive(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Many friends like the sour and sweet taste of tomato. In fact, you can plant some tomatoes at home. How about tomatoes? Which varieties can you choose? Potted tomatoes on the balcony(nursery containers wholesale), most of which can grow well in containers, but if you want to produce high yield, we should first choose small tomatoes with good varieties.

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Sunshine not only makes them blossom and bear more fruits, but also makes the fruit color and taste better(square nursery pots). But remember to put enough water before the sun, you need to keep the pot soil moist. Tomatoes like fertilizer, fertilizer good results, after flowering to more fertilizer, can be poured every 10 days a compound liquid fertilizer or rotten cake fertilizer(8 inch plant pot). Usually can also bury some broken eggshell in the soil, thin fertilizer is the guarantee of tomato fruit.(1.5 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale supplier)

Topping is also an important factor for tomatoes to produce more results(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). We need to top and pinch. When we knock off the top, we can promote the growth of more branches. Maofen tomato is an old tomato independently cultivated in China(10 gallon plastic pots). The leaves of Maofen tomato are like hanging a layer of frost. The leaves are green, the skin of the fruit is white, the flesh is sandy, and the sweetness is high, but the yield is not very high. It is very suitable for a family at home.

(1.5 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale supplier)The sweetness of tomato with sand powder is about 8-10 degrees, soft, sand and sweet are very suitable for eating raw(stacking plant pots). It is moderate in size, smaller than the tomato, larger than the virgin fruit, and has a golden pattern on the skin. The taste is especially soft, flour, sand and sweet. Its meat quality is softer than that of ordinary tomatoes(7 inch plant pot). The sweetness is moderate but there is no sour taste. If you don't like sour tomatoes, flower skin tomatoes are the first choice.

It is necessary to have a lot of sunshine(black plastic plant pots). Compared with Maofen tomato, Shafen tomato has a high yield. It belongs to a kind of tomato with unlimited growth. It can grow up all the time and bear fruit all the time. The above is the introduction of potted tomato planting methods and varieties. When the tomatoes are eaten raw, they always feel that the tomatoes they buy are hard and not delicious(one gallon nursery pots). They plant two pots at home. They can eat safely and be potted. Interested friends can try one.(1.5 gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale supplier)

Huapi tomato is a kind of fruit type tomato(7 gallon nursery pots). Potted tomatoes will bear more fruits. Soak in the solution for 20 minutes, then place it at about 25 to 30 degrees for germination Generally, when most of the seeds are exposed, they can be seeded. If a good seedbed is found in the early stage, use more fertilizer to make the soil more nutritious(two gallon pots). Then cover some fine soil, about within one centimeter, and then cover with a film, so that he can maintain a certain humidity.

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