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10 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags Wholesale Price USA

It is reported that the lotus germinates every year after the Qingming Festival, and it blooms in June and lasts until September(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Potted lotus flowers can be used for ornamental purposes. Generally, lotus can also be picked for making lotus seeds and tea leaves. It is reported that the sales time of lotus vegetables is short, and it is a waste of manpower(5 inch plastic pots). Planting lotuses does not need to be taken care of manually.

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It is open every year and is more cost-effective than planting lotus vegetables(1020 flats). Several times. Then, the lotus seed is sharp and concave. The concave end is ground on the rough concrete ground or clamped with a vise, and then soaked in warm water with 20-30 ~ E in a thermos flask. Change the water twice a day and sprout within 1 week(1.5 gallon pot). After budding, add an appropriate amount of water to the changing basin and place it in a sheltered place from the sun.(10 gallon fabric grow bags wholesale price usa)

After 2 weeks, the fine roots will grow, and the floating leaves are like lines(4 cell plant trays). At this time, you can pot them, and only one seed per pot. flower. Choose a plump, full-bodied, lustrous lotus seed suitable for potting. Even if it blooms, the flowers will be under the leaves, affecting the ornamental value(23cm plant pots). When arranging, the hoe and the hoe tail are in the same direction, and the internode bud heads should be up. If you add fertilizer and tender grass.

Sown from April to June(6 cell plant trays). Cultivation soil, pond mud or paddy mud rich in humus. First mash the mud through a sieve. If there are impurities, gravel, etc., you need to pick them up to make the mud sticky. Placed in a basin, the thickness is generally 10-15 cm(plastic flower pot price). At the same time, any one of dried chicken and duck feces, dried human feces, bean cake, vegetables, chicken feathers, hair, grass, etc. can be used as the base fertilizer, you need to cut it and put it in.

(10 gallon fabric grow bags wholesale price usa)How to make lotus bonsai? In the middle of summer, the lotus has reached the best viewing period(8 cell seed trays). This year's bonsai and lotus bonsai on the market are also in hot sales, opening a new way for local farmers to get rich. Potted lotus can be selected before and after the Qingming Festival. It is best to plant 7 to 10 days before the Qingming Festival, that is, late March(2.5 inch pots for plants). It is easy to rot the pupa too soon, and the plants will not bloom well.

When hoeing, after draining, put 3-4 cm thick loose soil in the bottom of the pot, and then put in the base fertilizer(12 cell seed trays). Or put in any kind of bean cake, chicken feather, etc., plus loose soil, and then put the seedlings on it. seedlings are put into a large and strong 1-2. Thin people can be placed in parallel 3-4(2 gallon fabric pots). Leave it under the sun and leave it in the sun (if it is rainy, cover it), and wait until the soil is dry and cracked before putting in water.(10 gallon fabric grow bags wholesale price usa)

Make the bud head slightly out of the mud, and the tail slightly up to allow for ventilation(18 cell seed trays). Because the soil is sticky, it will become agglomerated when dried, which is conducive to fixing the seedlings, and the seedlings will not float after watering. In the future, new leaves will not affect the growth and development of young seedlings due to wind and shaking(3.5 inch plastic plant pots). Therefore, the soil must be dried to the extent of cracking before water can be released.

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