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10 Gallon Plastic Container Manufacturers China

Photinia fortunei is highly resistant, and no devastating diseases or insect pests have been found(3 gallon pots). Photinia erythrium pests and diseases include cataplexy disease, blight, leaf spot, anthracnose, gray mold, leaf spot, or damage by scale insects, so I will introduce three major methods for the control of Photinia erythrina(7 gallon pots), every 7 to 10 days, and apply it once every 10 to 15 days. 

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The light sticky loam or sandy loam with good water sources and high terrain should be selected as the nursery, and the rotation system should be adhered to(1 gallon pots). The same kind of red heather is not continuously cultivated in the same nursery. The soil of the nursery should be disinfected in advance(rooting tray). The main methods are as follows: per square meter, the surface of the nursery is sprayed with 50 ml of formalin and 10 kg of water evenly, and then covered with plastic film or straw bag.(10 gallon plastic container manufacturers china)

The gas volatilizes and can be sown after two days. Use 50% wettable powder, mix 1.5 grams per square meter(5 gallon pots). It can also be formulated into a medicinal soil at a ratio of 1:20 and sprinkled on the seedbed, which can effectively control seedling diseases. Then pay attention to the depth when sowing below(13cm plant pots). For seedling cultivation, pick up the seeds and rinse the liquid with water, use 4 g of 75% pentachloronitrobenzene and 5 g of zinc substitute per square meter of nursery. 

(10 gallon plastic container manufacturers china)After mixing, mix well with 12 kg of fine soil. Put a cover on the cover to prevent anthracnose, blight, and Sickness and sclerotinia have special effects(2 gallon pot). The common treatment of soil with 3% ferrous sulfate solution, 0.5 kg per square meter of medicinal solution, can prevent seedling blight of coniferous trees, leaf shrinkage of peach and plum, and yellowing disease caused by iron deficiency in flowers(5 inch nursery pots). The cover soil should not be too thick so that the seeds can sprout. 

When sowing the seeds for drug treatment, they can be soaked with 0.3% to 0.5% potassium permanganate solution for half an hour to one hour(15 gallon pots), or soaked in warm water at 50 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, and the sunk seeds are taken out and used 0.2 % Formalin solution soaked seeds for 30 minutes, and removed for another 2 hours(14cm nursery pot). Can also be soaked with 0.5% to 1% copper sulfate solution for 1 hour to 2 hours, sowing in time after drying in the shade.

After the onset, starting from the seedling stage of Photinia frangipani(seed starting trays), 0.5% to 1% of Bordeaux solution was sprayed per acre of Photinia frutii seedlings, and 50 kg to 75 kg of young red Phoebe frond seedlings were sprayed on the seedlings to make young red Phoebe fronds. A protective film is formed on the outside to prevent invasion of germs(hydroponic tray price). At the same time, fertilization should be done well, and it should be stacked and fermented before use.(10 gallon plastic container manufacturers china)

Remove diseased Photinia fragilis in time, sprinkle lime powder around the diseased hole in Photinia frostii to prevent spread(20 gallon pots). You can use 500-800 times solution of Dicresol per acre. Or 65% Daisen Zinc 300 times to 800 times the liquid 100 kg spray, you can also use 1: 100 methyl arsenic sulfide medicated soil 150 kg, or 8: 2 grass gray lime powder mixed for treatment(plastic hanging baskets suppliers). It can also be treated by spraying with copper ammonium mixture.

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