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104 Cell Plastic Plug Flats Wholesale Price

In order to enhance the stamina of the mushroom, the mushroom farmers often perform topdressing by adding nutrient solution(gallon nursery pots). Only in accordance with the principle of "two suitable and two must" can we achieve the intended purpose. There are usually three ways to add nutrient solution: spraying, soaking and filling(wholesale greenhouse pots). The time for spraying the nutrient solution is preferably when a large number of fruiting bodies are present.

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The soaking method is mainly used for edible fungi in bagged plants(propagation tray). After harvesting 1-2 mushroom, if the cultivation bag is in a serious water shortage state, it can be immersed in the prepared nutrient solution until it recovers to near the original weight(greenhouse supplies pots). The nutrient solution is added by the method of soaking, generally the bag is put into the nutrient solution pool and pressed with heavy objects, and the soaking time cannot be too long.(104 cell plastic plug flats wholesale price)

However, the acupoint method is mainly used on the bed of bacteria(black plastic plant pots). The specific method is as follows: the bacteria bed is drilled at a hole distance of 10 cm, and the prepared nutrient solution is filled into the mushroom bed, and the nutrient solution is added to cover the soil(plastic grow pots). When the concentration of the nutrient solution is too high, not only the absorption of the hyphae is difficult, but also the growth of the hyphae is hindered or even impaired.

(104 cell plastic plug flats wholesale price)Spraying should pay attention to the nozzle should not face the fruiting body(plug trays), but also pay attention to the four spray: young mushroom buds do not spray, so as not to swollen. Do not spray when the humidity of the air is too large; do not spray when the pests and diseases in the mushroom shed (room) are serious(flat plastic tray). This method can be used when the mushroom bed has more mushrooms and the water and nutrient consumption is too large. 

The concentration of the nutrient solution to be added is usually determined according to the water content of the culture material: the concentration of the nutrient solution should be increased(square nursery pots), the water consumption should be reduced, and the amount of ventilation should be increased after the addition; otherwise, the concentration of the nutrient solution should be lowered to increase the water consumption(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). If the growth of edible fungi is stimulated with hormones, it should be done after supplementing the nutrient solution.

Several nutrient solutions should be used interchangeably so that the nutrients needed for the growth of the fruiting bodies are comprehensive and reasonable(gallon plant pot). When the concentration is too low, the purpose of high yield is not achieved. In fact, oily wheat vegetables often cause downy mildew, stretching large pieces of decay, mainly infecting stems and leaves, or near base leaves(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Otherwise, everyone can sprinkle some rice husks to absorb moisture.(104 cell plastic plug flats wholesale price)

It is difficult to form high-quality fruit bodies by hyphae. Except for high-temperature edible fungi, no nutrient solution can be added(seed starter trays). If the culture material has been contaminated with bacteria, it is necessary to remove the bacteria before adding the nutrient solution. In order to prevent contamination of the bacteria(3 gallon nursery pots bulk), a certain amount of bacteriostatic agent can also be added at the same time as the nutrient solution is added to prevent the growth of the bacteria.

(104 cell plastic plug flats wholesale price)Just picking mushrooms or having mushrooms in the body does not spray, so as not to cause bacterial diseases(cell trays). If the bag loses too much water, it can be soaked several times. If the water content of the culture material is high, when the temperature reaches 20 °C or above, the reasonable soaking and germination is now the breeding method for most crops(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). After the emergence of the oil, the rapeseed may be more susceptible to diseases such as soft rot and squatting.

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