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11 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers In China

Elm, especially the old stump of elm growing in the field(greenhouse trays), has experienced many years of man-made cutting and chiseling, or wind and rain erosion, animal gnawing and so on, and gradually formed many different strange postures(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Some of them are intricate, vigorous and simple; some of them turn rotten into magic, with withered roots and new leaves, and have holes in the sky.

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They are excellent materials for making bonsai(plastic gallon containers). It has beautiful tree shape, natural and unrestrained posture, mottled bark, fine branches and leaves, and high ornamental value. In the garden, it is suitable to grow alone, in groups or in combination with pavilions. It has good ornamental effect to be used as shade tree, street tree or bonsai(200 cell seed trays wholesale). For the maintenance of elm bonsai, it should be placed in a sunny and well ventilated environment.

(11 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers in china)But many people respond to the author that their elm bonsai often has yellow leaves and fallen leaves, but they don't know where the problem is(plastic nursery containers). This paper introduces the reason why the leaves of elm bonsai turn yellow. The reason why the leaves of elm bonsai turn yellow: it is suggested that the water quality of physiological yellow leaves is too alkaline(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). In general, this situation is rare. It is OK to add some vinegar properly.

There's too little light. Root rot caused by long-term watering or too much rain and poor drainage of basin bottom(nursery plant pots wholesale). It is suggested that the soil should be loosened immediately and watered after the basin soil is dry, and the root fertilization should not be carried out in a short period of time(nursery plant pots). For many years, the soil has not been changed or organic fertilizer has been applied, which is caused by the lack of trace elements.(11 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers in china)

Change part of soil or irrigate micro fertilizer(buy plastic plant pots). If all the roots are rotten, there should be no help. If a small part of the roots are not rotten, there should be some help. Just plant it in the field and cultivate it for a period of time and then put it into the pot. However, in winter, pay attention to the protection, and water less(plastic plant trays wholesale). Insufficient sun exposure and excessive watering may cause retting root, rotten root and leaf bacterial diseases.

(11 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers in china)The whole leaves of yellow leaf disease have light green to light yellow and then fall off, and the leaves have brown spots(plug flats), which will fall off after a long period of time. You can refer to the reasons for this so that you can prescribe the right medicine. Elms like light. They can grow well only in sunny places(greenhouse supplies pots). If the light is insufficient, its growth is slow, branches are thin, leaves are light, and fibrous roots are few and weak.

Enhance the light note to promote the exuberance of its life activity(plastic growing trays), accelerate the photosynthesis and metabolism function, and further develop and strengthen the stump root. Generally, there is no sunshine from morning to night and no shade is needed in the flower field of family(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Even if the roof platform has a long time of illumination, as long as the water supply is timely in summer, it is impossible to harm the elm bonsai.

Friend this looks like the retting root or rotten root caused by insufficient sunlight or excessive watering(plastic plant pots for sale). The root growth of elm bonsai depends on whether the light is sufficient or not. That's a simple reason. Photosynthesis(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Normal alternation of old and new leaves.(11 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers in china)

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