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112 Cell Plastic Seedling Trays In Bulk

If you have planted more than two years of Pleurotus eryngii(72 cell trays), why the bacteria stick is particularly infected, and then the mushroom I planted is particularly small. Want to know the reasons and solutions? Here is a detailed introduction to everyone: Why is the infection of Pleurotus eryngii mushroom sticks(round plastic plant pots)? The main reasons for the infection of Pleurotus eryngii are: raw materials are mixed with raw materials infected with bacteria.

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How to prevent and control? Therefore, when the raw materials are made of wood chips(3.5 inch square plastic pots), corn cobs and other hard materials, the materials are not absorbed, and the materials are green, and the sterilization is not complete. Solution: Raw materials should be fresh, mold-free raw materials, and no moldy materials can be added(large plastic plant pots uk). Leave a space of about 1 cm between the rows of bacteria in the sterilized stove and between the rows and between the rows and the walls.

That is to say, when the cultivation material is made of hard raw materials such as corn cob and wood chips(small nursery pots), it is necessary to soak the water in advance without any white heart before the mixing. When the pressure cooker is sterilized, the exhaust valve must be opened when the pressure reaches 0.05 MPa(heavy duty nursery pots), and the exhaust air valve is fully exhausted before the exhaust valve is sterilized. The second question is about the reason why Pleurotus eryngii is relatively small.

Causes sterilization to be incomplete(plastic seedling pots). After the water is opened, it should be sterilized for 10-12 hours. There is a ceasefire in the sterilization process. The bacteria bag inside the sterilization stove is too tight. It is first related to the breed. The main varieties nowadays are mainly divided into sticks and bowling balls(greenhouse planting pots). If the variety is bowling, the finished mushroom itself is relatively small.  You can use two kinds of flowers. If the flower pot is small, plant one. The tree is enough.

If the variety is stick-shaped below, but the individual is still relatively small(1 gallon plastic pots), the reason for this is probably estimated to be that there is no measure to remove the mushroom buds. After the primordial differentiation of Pleurotus eryngii, many mushroom buds grow on both sides of the fungus bag(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots). However, due to nutrition and space constraints, most of these mushroom thunders cannot grow into commercial mushrooms, so it is necessary to carry out sparse buds.

Although the jade flower is very common, it is mainly planted in the green belt or in the park(plastic terracotta planters). Does the flower friend ask if the jade flower can be potted? We cut the camellia ourselves, every 7 to 10 days, and even spray 2 or 3 times. The effective age is not enough. There are several holes in the film and placed in the place where the light is scattered(8 inch nursery pots). As for the flower pot, if the flower pot is relatively large, the requirements for the early stage are relatively high.

The yellowing of the onion leaves is not long, the leaves are widened(large nursery pots), what is the reason? In detail, let us introduce: the yellowing of the onion leaves is not long, the leaves are widened, how to prevent and cure? Onion bacterial soft rot is all over the province The most important disease of onion, the earliest symptom is the linear or thin stripe from the tip of the leaf(8 inch plant pot). After the development, the leaf is out of round, loses support and shrinks and collapses, and the outer leaf rots when it is yellow and wet.

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