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15 Gal Plastic Round Nursery Trade Pots USA

Some potted flowers not only need plastic pots, the soil is always moist, and may also need to grow(8 cell trays bulk). The air humidity is also high, and the family, especially the northern interior, will be very dry for a long time, so in order to meet the requirements of flowers for environmental humidity(plastic nursery pots), everyone Some necessary human measures can be taken, as follows: Frequently sprinkle water around the plastic flower pots or flower plants, preferably 2-3 times a day using an atomizer.

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(15 gal plastic round nursery trade pots usa)This high-humidity and small environment is very beneficial to the growth of wet flowers and foliage plants(12 cell trays bulk). You can put the plastic flower pot in the shallow dish, then put the gravel on the plate so that the bottom of the plastic flower pot can not touch the water. Thus, as the moisture in the shallow pan evaporates, the air humidity around the plastic flowerpot will increase significantly. Similarly(plastic nursery pots wholesale), if a plastic flower pot is placed in a wide and deep container containing a small amount of water, a stable high-humidity environment can be obtained.

But pay attention to the height of the flower pot so that the bottom of the flower pot can rise above the water surface(18 cell trays bulk). The potting cultivation method can be adopted, and the plastic flower pot is placed in the larger diameter of the pot, and then the water-absorbing material such as sawdust and grass charcoal is placed in the middle of the pot. After the materials are filled with water, the water vapor is gradually released, thereby increasing the plastic(black plastic nursery pots). The humidity of the air around the flower pot. In winter, the pots can also be covered with film or plastic bags, which keeps the soil moist and increases the humidity around the pots.

(15 gal plastic round nursery trade pots usa)If conditions permit, consider using an air humidifier(36 cell trays bulk). It is best to put it in a suitable position from the flower, not too close. If the house has a large space, you can use a high-power intelligent humidity-conditioning air humidifier. However, it should be noted that the humidifier cannot be kept open all the time, otherwise the humidity in the house may be too high, which may adversely affect the growth of flower plants(plug trays wholesale). If the potting soil of the plastic flower pot is not dry, do not water the flowers, watering too much, it is easy to cause the roots of the plants.

The container for watering the flowers needs to be used in the sun for one to two days(40 cell trays bulk), so that the difference between the water temperature and the room temperature is small, and the chlorine content in the water can be minimized. When raising flowers at home, many people care not only about watering problems, but also the cultivation of flowers and fertilization is also very important. The basic principle of fertilization is to apply less fertilizer and more fertilizer(seed starter trays). Many plants also have the points of like fertility and tolerance. The fertile plants such as Nantianzhu and Linghe should be fertilized.

(15 gal plastic round nursery trade pots usa)The sorghum-resistant plants such as rhododendrons should be thinned, because the rhododendron roots should be relatively thin(48 cell trays bulk), the fertility is weak, the fat is more susceptible to damage, and the less fat affects flowering. Then what should be paid attention to in the cultivation of flowers in family plastic flower pots? Flower growth period: At this time, some fertilizer water and bean cake fertilizer should be applied, and it should be carried out at the same time as watering(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At the same time, do not use a kind of fertilizer, and it is necessary to mix it properly. Watering plastic flower pots.

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