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15 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Nursery Pots Canada

Two-color plastic flower pots are favored by more and more people because of their light weight and easy movement(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Small and beautiful plastic flower pots such as printed flower pots and spider plant pots not only give people a visual feast, but also wash them. People's minds. But the two-color plastic flower pot can not only be used to plant flowers, it is a feast for the eyes, and features you have never thought of(six cell seed trays), such as growing vegetables can achieve good results, so that you can not only relax, appreciate the beauty.

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(15 gallon heavy duty plastic nursery pots canada)At the same time, I can still eat the green vegetables I planted(5 gallon nursery pots). It’s really full of happiness and happiness. Is there such a beautiful thing? Why on the balcony, on the top floor terrace or in your own small courtyard, as long as In sunny and well-ventilated areas, you can use two-color plastic pots to grow vegetables, such as leeks, onions, parsley, etc., which can be planted and really convenient(4 cell seed trays). When planting vegetables, you need to pay attention to: Make the two-color plastic flower pots face the south.

This allows the vegetables to fully absorb the sun and thrive(seed starting trays). Green plants are inseparable from photosynthesis, so we must always let them absorb sunlight. But this is not to say that flowers or vegetables should be exposed to the sun for a long time. This will not only help the plant growth, but may cause it to dehydrate and even die(24 cell seed trays). Therefore, it is best to pick a day or two a week to get the flowers or vegetables in full contact with the sun.

(15 gallon heavy duty plastic nursery pots canada)But be careful to avoid the noon period, which is the most intense daylight, it is easy to avoid plant leaf burns(black plastic nursery pots). For the grasp of the amount of watering and the number of watering, we should follow the principle that it will not be poured, and the pouring will be poured. And when the weather is dry, we not only need to fully absorb the water from the roots of the plants, but also spray some of them on the leaves(20 cell plant trays), so that every part of the plant can be replenished with water.

Flower winter fertilization varies from species to species(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Flowers in dormant period can be used without top dressing, but new plastic pots must be replaced and base fertilizer applied at one time. Foliage plants should apply a proper amount of liquid fertilizer of about 3% per month in winter, such as compound fertilizer or ferrous sulfate. It is suitable to increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in winter, and it can apply liquid potassium dihydrogen phosphate of about 2%-3%(288 cell plug tray). The fruit plant should be supplemented with phosphate fertilizer in winter, and an appropriate amount of solid superphosphate can be applied around the root.

(15 gallon heavy duty plastic nursery pots canada)The winter weather is cold and dry, and the flower plants are very susceptible to damage(plastic nursery pots). In order to make the flowers and plants survive the winter, in addition to ensuring the light and temperature, special attention should be paid to watering the flowers. Many flower plants in winter go to dormant or semi-dormant state, so the method of watering flowers is very different from other seasons. There are three precautions(112 cell plug trays). Please remember that the winter flowering time cannot be in the evening, and the best time is noon.

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