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Pruning is a very important task for potted plants and plants(plug trays wholesale). It not only can shape good plant type effects, but also enhance the ornamental value of potted plants. At the same time, it can stimulate plants and make them grow stronger. Especially after flowering, this will directly affect the quality and effect of the next round of flowering plants. The purpose of pruning at this time is not to create a good plant type(15 gallon pots distributor), but to promote the reduction of unnecessary nutrient consumption and lay the foundation for the next round of flowering.

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(15 gallon nursery containers wholesale suppliers usa)As for the flowering effect of the next round of potted longevity flowers and its influence on the ornamental value(plastic nursery pots), it depends largely on whether the last round of post-flowering pruning work is done well. Then, how to trim the longevity flower after flowering? First of all, the timing of pruning should be chosen correctly. Usually we should choose the second week after the flowering of the longevity flower(14 gallon pots distributor). Trimming at this time is often very effective. One of the objects to be pruned is the old branches and residual branches after the flower.

This aspect is very important, and it is usually necessary to cut off these types of branches as much as possible to avoid leaving the plants to consume nutrients in vain(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The second object to be pruned again is the flower buds and residual flowers left after the flowering of the longevity flower. Because the best time for flowering has passed, leaving these flower buds generally does not bloom normally(7 gallon pots distributor). Instead of letting them consume nutrients in vain, it is better to timely Remove to save nutrients and encourage plants to grow better.

(15 gallon nursery containers wholesale suppliers usa)Longevity flower is a succulent flower plant(black plastic nursery pots). It usually stores a lot of water in the body, but flowering is a process that consumes a lot of nutrients and water. In order to save nutrient consumption, we usually need to pruning in time after flowering. The saved nutrient is used to concentrate on other branches and leaves to make it grow stronger(5 gallon pots distributor). The other part is kept in the plant as a reserve for the next round of flowering. Save enough nutrients to make sure you continue to bloom.

What kind of fertilizer is applied? Generally, a thin dilution of NPK can be applied once a month(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), or a potassium dihydrogen phosphate dilution of 0.2% or less can also be used. If the late flowering is less fat, the flowers tend to become smaller, and the color is obviously dim. In addition to small-scale upper pots and flowers after the application of nitrogen fertilizer(3 gallon pots distributor), other seasons usually only need to properly supplement the NPK elements, and more by means of compound fertilizer.(15 gallon nursery containers wholesale suppliers usa)

In addition to the fertilizer selected for fertilization, the fertilization technique is also important(wholesale nursery pots). It is important not to splash the fertilizer on the leaves of the longevity flower. Otherwise, it will easily cause the leaves to rot; but sometimes it will inevitably be caused by careless operation. When the fertilizer splashes on the blade, it should be rinsed off with water immediately. The fertilization of potted longevity flowers often requires more care than the fertilization of other potted plants(2 gallon pots distributor), because there are certain differences in fertilization.

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