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Succulents basically have a dormant period, because the growth environment of succulents is very bad(plastic nursery pots). In order to resist the unfavorable factors caused by the environment, succulents will stop growing completely during the dormant period to reduce nutrient loss in the body. Some succulents have a semi-dormant period. When the season changes, a small amount of growth will occur. This requires everyone to pay attention(2 gallon plant pots). So how do you judge whether succulents have entered a dormant period?

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(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier saudi arabia)The succulent plants that enter the dormant period usually show no growth(plastic nursery pots wholesale), no change in body surface, slow response when watering, and are prone to decay. Although more and more people are growing more fleshy, the dormancy period of common succulents is basically clear, but the succulents planted in plastic pots have a certain relationship with their personal and surrounding environment(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If we warm and humidify the growing environment, we can also make the plastic flowerpot succulents not enter the dormant period.

For succulents to enter dormancy(black plastic nursery pots), we need to gradually accumulate experience through continuous exploration and learning. According to the law of dormancy period, it is better to use plastic flower pots to grow succulents. As for the grasp of watering time, it is long-term cultivation and training. The veteran can judge according to experience. Novices can consult the veteran or access the information online(1 gallon plant pots). Here are a few ways to judge whether you need watering based on the leaves of succulent plants. You can learn from them.

(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier saudi arabia)According to the big environment, consider whether the succulent plants enter the dormant period(seed trays wholesale). If the succulents in the plastic pots are in a parcel state, the inner leaves are very tall and straight, and the outer leaves are dry and dry. It can be judged that the succulent plant has entered a dormant period. For succulents entering the dormant period, no watering or a small amount of watering can be used(25 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If the leaves of the succulent plants are hard and soft, the succulents in the plastic pots must be short of water, and the water should be poured in time.

If the leaves are still soft after 12 hours of watering, it can be judged that the roots of the plants are not good and the water absorption is not good(seed starter trays). At this time, the watering interval can be extended appropriately because the leaves shrink in the water shortage environment. At the same time, the concentration of hormones will increase, which will cause the roots to grow in large quantities. Finally, if the leaves of the succulent plants are soft(3 gallon plant pots), it can be determined that the succulents are severely dehydrated. You can consider pouring water first, and if it is effective, it will be OK.

(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier saudi arabia)If it doesn't work, analyze how long the succulents have been planted in plastic pots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the time is long, most of the succulents in the plastic pots will have rotten roots. The orchid belongs to the foliage, the flowering plants, the evergreen seasons, the flowers are very fragrant, very popular. So many people like to put orchids in the living room, bedroom and balcony, but many people do not know how to replace the plastic flower pots with orchids(7 gallon plant pots). The following is a detailed explanation for everyone.

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