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15 Gallon Plastic Nursery Trade Pots Wholesale

You can notice that the big purple flower pot in the picture below has no mildew and the roots are basically healthy(104 cell plug trays supplier). But the roots of the upper part have already overflowed the flower pots greatly, and it is time to change the pots. New plastic flower pots are ready. Put the cut flowers in the new pots and fill in the new orchid soil(10 gallon plant pot). Orchid soil is also purchased in advance. The florist clerk explained that after changing the pot, the old soil should be thrown away and filled with new soil.(15 gallon plastic nursery trade pots wholesale)

Too low or too high a temperature will cause the butterfly orchid to sleep or semi-dormant(105 cell seed trays wholesale), and it is not suitable for fertilization at this time. Because the plant is in a dormant and semi-dormant state, the amount of activity in the body will be greatly reduced, and the stomatal closure will result in almost zero evaporation of water, no ability to absorb fertilizer, and the fertilizer will accumulate in the planting material, causing the matrix to prematurely acidify(5 gallon nursery pots). If not handled with care, it will also cause root growth to be blocked or even rotten.

In cold or hot summer, the leaves should also be wet, because the leaves of the Phalaenopsis can absorb fertilizer as well as the roots(sureroot plug trays bulk). When applying solid fertilizer, it should be evenly applied to make the roots evenly absorbed; do not pile up in a pile on the rhizosphere, otherwise the gas roots will be burnt due to too much fertilizer at this position. Changing the phalaenopsis is a must-have(plastic bonsai pots). Whether it is the phalaenopsis sold outside the market or the phalaenopsis that is farmed, it needs to be changed regularly.

(15 gallon plastic nursery trade pots wholesale)Fertilization at this time is undoubtedly a waste(200 cell seed trays wholesale). Therefore, it is better to fertilize in the morning in spring and autumn, and fertilize in the evening in summer. When the temperature is low in winter or when the cold current strikes, it should be less fertilized or avoid fertilization. Although it is a taboo to raise flowers with a flower, it is a must for the Phalaenopsis. In the north, many people buy phalaenopsis home before and after the Spring Festival(128 cell plug tray). In the cold winter, there is heating in the room, and the air is often dry.

Because the temperature is 22 ~ 28 ° C, fertilization is most easily absorbed by Phalaenopsis(plastic cell trays supplier). Concentrate tends to cause rotten roots, usually because of the different types and methods of fertilization at different growth stages. In particular, it is difficult to stabilize the plants, and the fertilization should be uniform, and the method should be appropriate. When applying water-soluble quick-acting fertilizer, it is necessary to drench the whole pot until the bottom of the pot has fertilizer water flowing out(starter trays). Especially the phalaenopsis that has just been bought from outside, it is recommended to change the planting material after returning home.(15 gallon plastic nursery trade pots wholesale)

In the growing season, the Phalaenopsis is fertilized by foliar fertilizer and potassium dihydrogen phosphate(32 cell seed trays wholesale). Since the plastic flower pot is too large, it has exceeded the edge of the outer pot. This shows that this flower was not sold at the flowering stage last year, foliar fertilizer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, farmyard fertilizer after fermenting with water, orchid special fertilizer(plastic plant pots bulk). At this time, the absorption capacity of Phalaenopsis is weak, and the other party does not discard it. The life of the leaves is long, but it is not immortal.

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