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Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, are very rich in nutrients(cell trays). However, if tomatoes are grown in greenhouses, high-yield tomatoes must be adjusted. Due to the limited space in the greenhouses, the tomatoes are large and flanked. More, so plant adjustment of tomatoes is a key measure to ensure high yield of tomatoes(seed starter trays), the following small series will introduce the measures to adjust plants in greenhouses.

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If the tomatoes are almost fixed, the vines will start to hang(propagation tray). The useless side branches on the trunk need to be removed in time. Each tomato is tied to a rope. The rope can be tied with a vine clip. The inner diameter of the clip is 16mm. The clip is sandwiched between three or four leaves(wholesale greenhouse pots). On the sling. It is also possible to tie the rope directly to the trunk and carry out the vines as the plant grows, so that there is no need to use a tie clip.

Otherwise, be sure to take care not to press the ears and leaves when the tomatoes are wrapped around the vines(gallon nursery pots). Snoring is determined by the growth characteristics of tomatoes. At least for now, there are no varieties of tomatoes that do not require snoring. Planting tomatoes in greenhouses is generally done after planting seedlings and slowing down the seedlings(greenhouse supplies pots). When growing to about the 6th and 7th leaves, you should hang the vine while hanging.

If the seedlings grow too much, you can wait until the first ear fruits sit and then snoring to prevent the plants Crazy(plug trays). They are one of the most popular fruits and vegetables in the world. It is not until the top of the ear is finished that the work of snoring is completed. In soilless cultivation, the plants are less ill. , usually can leave more than ten spikes(plastic grow pots). Tomatoes grown in greenhouses are basically picked leaves. 

It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of sunny snoring(black plastic plant pots). On the one hand, the wound is easy to heal, on the other hand, the stem is not too brittle, and the growth point is inadvertently smashed when snoring. Nowadays, there are few types of self-sealing tops in the tomato varieties we plant, basically all of them are infinite growth type(seed propagation trays), which means that if the growth of tomato plants is good enough, it will have infinite results.

In order to improve the efficiency of space and land use(gallon plant pot), tomatoes need to be topped after leaving a certain amount of ear, which suppresses the advantage of the top of the tomato and promotes the expansion of the fruit. The ears of tomatoes in different mouthwashes are different. Generally, the early spring cultivars cultivated in the short season and the 4 ears of autumn sorghum(18 cell seed starting trays), and the tomatoes grown in the long season have 6-7 spikes.

Reasonable leaf picking will make the field well ventilated and light, and the color of the fruit is beautiful and the sweetness is higher(square nursery pots). The leaf age of tomato leaves is the strongest at 15-50 days, and the leaves over 60 days are severely aged. It may consume more nutrients than the nutrients produced(flat plastic tray). Such leaves can be removed, so the leaves must be removed first. Pick old leaves, yellow leaves, diseased leaves, and residual leaves.

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