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20 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers China

The ginkgo tree is a deciduous tree with a DBH of 4 meters(wholesale nursery pots). The fruit of the ginkgo tree is commonly known as ginkgo, so it is also known as ginkgo tree. Ginkgo trees grow slowly and have a very long life. Under natural conditions, it takes more than 20 years from planting to ginkgo fruit, and a large number of fruits can be obtained after 40 years(hydroponic trays). Therefore, some people call it "Gongsunshu".

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The meaning of "Sun Deshi" is the old star of life in the tree, which is of ornamental, economic, and medicinal value(plastic terracotta pots). After wintering, the spider mites infestations are harmful in March-April. Because some garden ginkgos have more natural enemies, some garden ginkgos have no spider mites to overwinter(plastic starter plant pots). The spider mites previously harmed other fruit trees, and then transferred from other fruit trees to ginkgo trees to harm.(20 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

The peak period of the damage was from July to August, and the damage lasted until September(25 gallon pot for plants). The spider mite overwintered in various insect states from September to October. The cricket leaves become pale after being damaged. Affect the growth and fruiting of Ginkgo biloba and tree vigor(plastic bonsai pots for sale). In summer, the less harmful Ginkgo biloba mite has a late wintering time, and it usually overwinters in the soil joints under the trunk.

(20 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers china)In winter, new soil is used to bury the ground mites around the trunk to prevent unearthed trees from spring(72 cell propagation tray). Sweep ginkgo biloba, fallen leaves, and under-tree weeds in the courtyard in autumn and winter, sweep out the yard and burn, reducing the wintering base of spider mites(succulent propagation tray). In the spring, after spider mites emerge, they can spray 0.3 ° Be stone sulfur mixture 1-2 times to kill the spider mites.

When natural enemies fail to effectively control the harm of spider mites, they can spray 3,000 times 20% dead mite suspension(plastic grow pots). When there are many natural enemies of the spider mites on the tree, and when pests such as thorn moths and bag moths harm the leaves, do not spray the highly toxic pesticides that hurt natural enemies(plastic hanging baskets). You can use biological pesticides or other low-toxic pesticides that do not harm natural enemies to control other pests.

The dominant natural enemy that locally controls the harm of spider mites is thrips taurus(blow molded nursery pots). In some years, the spider mites on Ginkgo biloba are more harmful, and there are fewer thrips(decorative flower pots). Transfer to the ginkgo biloba site where there are many spider mites, and pick some leaves with a large number of thrips and place them on the ginkgo tree, washed and dried, which can control the spider mite damage in time.(20 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

After harvest, the piles of rotten rotted, and then laminated with sand(7 gallon nursery pots). On-demand sowing in early spring from March to March the following year, with a row spacing of 20-30CM, plant spacing of 5CM, sowing depth of 3-4CM, overlying fine soil, germination and unearthing can occur about 40 days after sowing. In July-August, the harm of spider mites is very serious(3 inch succulent pots). This method can also be used to help thrips six point thrips. 

(20 gallon plastic plant pots manufacturers china)In October, the seeds matured, and the outer seed coat was yellow(plastic plant trays). Covering seedlings with seedlings, or setting up shade in summer to reduce soil temperature can reduce the incidence of seedlings. In June, leaf mite damage was seen on the leaves of the ginkgo tree in the garden(perlite suppliers). Stem rot is prone to occur at the seedling stage, and management and prevention should be paid attention to.

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