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20 Inch Plastic Garden Planters For Sale Online

However, due to the variety(plastic nursery tray), planting pattern and management technology of the potatoes planted in different places, the yield varies. In some places, the yield per mu is 2000 kg, but in some places it can be achieved. 6000 kg, the difference is very large, it is recommended that the potato yield determines its economic benefits(15 gallon plastic container), then how to grow potatoes to produce high yield?

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When the potato underground tubers are inflated, the most demanding is potassium fertilizer(plastic flower pots in bulk). In the middle and late stages of potato growth, for the plots where the leaves are yellow and obviously de-fertilized, 25 to 30 kg of potassium sulfate per acre is applied, and evenly applied to the soil around the roots of the potato plants can be watered(plant propagation trays). The therapeutic agents are dimethomorph, metalaxyl, cymoxan, fluopyram, and carbendazim.(20 inch plastic garden planters for sale online)

At this time, management must be done to produce high yield(nursery containers). It is suggested that the 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate + urea mixture can be sprayed on the leaves for 2 to 3 times, and evenly spraying the front and back sides of the leaves to rapidly increase the potassium content in the potato plants is beneficial to the rapid expansion of the young potatoes(terracotta plastic plant pots). The growth of the potato is not conducive to the expansion of the underground potato block, resulting in reduced yield.

The most critical period is that the period from the flowering of the potato to the stem and leaf is the key to determining the potato yield(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale). In order to avoid premature aging of the potato, the potato is a crop planted in many areas of China. For plants with weak plants and frustrated leaves, plant growth regulators such as gibberellin and sodium nitrophenolate can be used to enhance the speed of potato material synthesis(3 gal plastic nursery pots), increase the ratio of leaf and fruit, and accelerate the expansion of underground tubers.

(20 inch plastic garden planters for sale online)In the middle and late stages, the tuber expansion period is the largest period of water demand(plastic nursery pots nz). It must be properly watered. It is necessary to pay attention to ridge irrigation, to prevent flooding of large water, try not to flood the ridges, and improve soil permeability to avoid plate stagnation(plant cell trays). Pay attention to drainage in many areas of rainwater, and try not to water it again 7 days before harvest to improve the commerciality and storage time of the potato.

Try not to use paclobutrazol, and the long residual period in the soil can easily affect the growth of the lower crop(plant planters pots). Some experts said that it is possible to increase the yield of potato buds. This is theoretically possible, but for large-scale growers, the benefits of increased flower extraction are not enough for human expenses(large black plastic plant pots). Moreover, many potato varieties are rarely flowering now, so The way to pick flowers and increase production is not necessary at all, because the reality is not allowed.

Primary brown or purple-brown large lesions(large plastic garden pots cheap), slightly sunken, the skin of the diseased part of the potato is also brown, slowly expanding or rotting around. The late blight is mainly prevented in advance, and the commonly used protective drugs are protected by copper preparation, zinc, zinc, and zinc(6 cell plant trays). Treatment with Yin Fa Li and other ingredients can be sprayed once every 7 days according to the incidence of the plot, 2 to 3 times.(20 inch plastic garden planters for sale online)

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