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Mint is a variety of plants, and most of them can be cultivated as potted plants(wholesale nursery pots). And no matter which kind of mint, there is almost a commonality, that is, the ability to adapt to the environment is relatively strong, both cold-resistant and better breeding. In order to obtain potted seedlings, most varieties of mint can be bred by seeding(72 cell seed starter trays). So, how long does the mint seed after sowing sprout, and it takes a few days to germinate?(20 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

The sowing of mint seeds should be carried out in the spring and autumn(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), but the germination effect in autumn is better, because the temperature environment is more suitable in autumn. However, even if seeds are sowed into the soil under such conditions, the seeds are difficult to germinate under natural conditions. In order to increase the rate of emergence, we usually need to germination the seeds before sowing(seed propagation trays). However, there are certain technical requirements for the successful germination.

Unlike the rose seed sand, the germination of mint is usually carried out in a high temperature environment of about 30 °C(fabric grow bags). If the ambient temperature is too low, it is naturally impossible to achieve the germination effect. The most commonly used method is the wet tissue germination method, but we can also use the following means to germination(50 cell seed starter trays). We can prepare a cup of hot water with a water temperature of about 35-40 °C in advance, and then soak the mint seeds in it for about 4-5 hours.(20 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

Moreover, the space temperature should not form too much contrast with the water temperature(black plastic nursery pots), and half of it can be kept at more than 20 degrees Celsius, otherwise the water temperature will be cooled too fast, thus failing to achieve the purpose of successful germination. We must plant the seeds in the culture soil in time, but the soil covered should not be too thick, so it is enough to sprinkle a thin layer of thin soil on the seeds(18 cell seed starting trays). However, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisturizing work at the right time, usually by spraying water to moisturize.

Because watering is not convenient for controlling the amount of watering(1 gallon pots), it is possible to wash away the seeds with a little carelessness or to allow the seeds to float through the covered thin soil. If the mint seed is not germinated and directly spread into the culture soil, even if the budding is relatively slow, it usually takes 1-2 weeks. However, the menthol-treated mint seeds are sown into the culture soil(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), and if the growth environment is appropriate, the germination usually takes place in 3-4 days.

(20 inch plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)After the peppermint seeds are successfully germinated(plastic nursery pots), if it is necessary to ensure that the young shoots can maintain a good growth state, the light temperature and water and fertilizer management should be done during the period. Especially watering, which is very important in the seedling growth period. Because the roots of the seedlings have not yet fully formed in the early stage of growth, the amount of water required is relatively high, and it is usually necessary to pour water once every 2 weeks(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). When young plants grow to a certain height, we need to transplant them in time.

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