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200 Gallon Smart Grow Bags Manufacturers

At the beginning of the disease, the following agents are sprayed: or 80% Xinwansheng WP 600-800 times solution(flat plastic tray), or 80% Dasheng M-45 WP powder 600-800 times solution, or 12.5% baoli WP 2000- 2500 times liquid, or 40% DuPont new star emulsifiable oil 9000 times liquid(cell trays), or 6% Le must plough wettable powder 1000-l500 times liquid, or 10% Yi Duo Wei emulsifiable cement, and every 10 days or so, continuous Prevention and control 2-3 times.

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After entering the ball-forming period, the bacteria overwinter in the north with teliospores on the diseased body(plastic grow pots). When the conditions are suitable, the burden and the basi spores are generated. The spores invade the host to form the rust cavity stage, and the resulting rust spores infect the host and produce the urediospores(gallon plant pot). The spores are re-infected, and the spores are invaded by the epidermis or stomata after germination.(200 gallon smart grow bags manufacturers)

The temperature is 16-26 °C, which is easy to occur when it is rainy and high-humidity(greenhouse supplies pots). The temperature is low, the fertilizer is insufficient and the growth is bad. The colonized plots are turned over in the first year of autumn. After winter weathering, the soil is fully matured(plug trays). In the spring, combined with bauxite, organic fertilizer is applied and calcium perphosphate, grass ash is added, and then the potting soil is flattened.

Topdressing can be carried out in 3 times(wholesale greenhouse pots). One day before planting, the seedbed was sprayed with water to make the bed soil moist. When digging the seedlings, try to bring more soil and less damage. Large and small seedlings should be planted separately for management, and 5%-10% of spare seedlings should be set aside for replanting(propagation tray). It is advisable to plant seedlings with strong growth, short internodes, wide petioles and no pests and diseases. 

(200 gallon smart grow bags manufacturers)When planting, if the temperature is low, you should choose a warm and sunny weather after the cold weather(seed starter trays). Avoid flooding with large water to prevent a large temperature drop and affect the survival rate. The depth of planting is preferably that the roots are all buried in the soil, and the soil is slightly pressed to make the roots and soil sufficient(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Close contact, buried soil can not be too deep to suppress the heart leaf, otherwise it will affect normal birth.

After planting the seedlings, the first-time nitrogen fertilizer will be chased once, and the growth of the leaves will be promoted(square nursery pots). After the planting, the second fertilizer will be pursued 15-20 days after the planting, and the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers will be better; the heart leaves will start after 30 days of planting(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Hold the ball and apply 1 compound fertilizer to ensure the nutrients needed for leaf growth.

After filling the planted water, the cultivating moisturizing and slowing seedlings is mainly used to ensure the water supply of the plants(black plastic plant pots). In order to promote the rapid growth of the leaf ball, it is necessary to keep the ground moist and watering frequently, but the amount of watering should not be too large(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). In this period, if there is water shortage, the leaf ball is small, the taste becomes bitter, and the quality is degraded.(200 gallon smart grow bags manufacturers)

The amount of water required before the ball is not large, and the number of irrigation should be less(gallon nursery pots). After the ball is finished, the amount of irrigation should be controlled to avoid ball cracking and infection. After the planting, the bulbs produced in the open field should be frequently loosened(4 cell propagation trays wholesale), shoveled, and weeded to increase the soil temperature, ensure that the roots of the lettuce are well developed and promote growth.

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