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3 Gal Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Price

Improper application can result in loss of nutrients(plug trays wholesale), and even the difficulty in water absorption of crop roots, burning roots and dead seedlings. Human excrement is directly applied to the soil without fermenting and decomposing. These unfertilized organic fertilizers are decomposed and fermented by microorganisms in the soil, and the ammonia gas generated is likely to cause root burning and poisoning of the crops(128 cell trays bulk), and some may also breed weeds and spread pests and diseases.(3 gal plastic nursery pots wholesale price)

Because the water holding capacity of the dry soil is small, the concentration around the root system is too large(15 cell trays bulk), and when the roots are exposed to the fertilizer pile, the physiological loss of the crop will occur, and the reverse osmosis phenomenon will occur. Seepage, make the crops grow poorly or appear wilting and lose water and dead seedlings, soil nutrient imbalance occurs(105 cell trays bulk), the organic fertilizer should be used as the base fertilizer, evenly mixed in the soil to achieve integration with the soil.

Should be ditched or applied, after the application of soil, must not be scattered on the ground(black plastic nursery pots). Leafy vegetables are generally not suitable for high-concentration liquid organic fertilizers for foliar application. In some places, it is customary to use organic fertilizers such as pig manure manure, dried in the sun, or applied to the topsoil of dry crops(98 cell trays bulk). The result is that the manure is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, and the nitrogen is basically volatilized and lost.

(3 gal plastic nursery pots wholesale price)However, the composition of organic fertilizer is complicated(wholesale nursery pots), and it is especially important to be reasonable when applied. The crop will not only absorb the nutrients, but will cause the water and nutrients in the root system. The quick-acting phosphorus and potassium will also be lost and pollute the environment. It is easy to cause nitrogen deficiency and dead seedling in the early stage of crops(72 cell trays bulk). The high temperature method can ferment the manure at 60 °C to kill the insects. 

It is too concentrated in the application of rice plants, and a large amount of hydrogen sulfide is produced in the decay(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and more bubbles are emitted, so that the rice roots become black, and the seedlings are delayed. If the seeds are not remedied in time, the whole field will be dead and the yield will be reduced. In this case, the field should be drained immediately, and the growth regulator that promotes root growth(50 cell trays bulk), such as sodium nitrophenolate, should be sprayed early after draining the field, and 1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1% urea mixed spray can be added. 

This is the reason why rice straw should be returned to the field to be supplemented with ammonium bicarbonate(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer in crops is not as good as possible. Generally, 1000-1500 kg of fertilizer per mu or 1000-1500 kg of green manure is applied(32 cell trays bulk), and an appropriate amount of ammonium bicarbonate or urea is added at the time of application to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio to meet the microbial Need to prevent the occurrence of microbial and crop nitrogen.

(3 gal plastic nursery pots wholesale price)Good to resume normal growth(162 cell trays bulk). Or the compost heap is moistened with water, sealed with mud, and the temperature is 35~40 °C. After 25-30 days, the fermentation can be completed. Eggs and weed seeds are safer and more effective when used. The manure in the organic fertilizer has high nutrient content, fast decomposition rate and fierce fertilizer effect(21 cell trays bulk). It should be added with appropriate amount of pig manure or cow dung at the time of application to achieve the purpose of stable fertilizer.

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