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3 Gallon Injection Molded Nursery Pots In Canada

The transplanting of sunflowers is a technical activity of the project(104 cell trays bulk). How can a good strawberry seedling appear dead after transplanting? In order to improve the survival rate of seedlings, the choice of potted seedlings is very important, to ensure quality and quantity(3 gallon plastic pots). Do not use long, tender petiole seedlings, or use seedlings that have been soaked in water for a long time to ensure that the selected seedlings have a fresh vitality.(3 gallon injection molded nursery pots in canada)

For reasons such as the above, it must have caused many farmers to die after transplanting strawberry seedlings(72 cell seed starting trays). Strawberry is a kind of shallow root plant, and only the fertile and loose soil environment is conducive to its growth. The potting soil must be prepared well, so that it is breathable and permeable, and the lower layer of soil is relatively compact(cheap plastic plant pots), which is more conducive to the root picking and fixing of strawberry seedlings.

How to fertilize it? Potted strawberries are usually rooted and transplanted for more than 20 days after transplanting(128 cell seedling start trays), and the fertilization usually needs to wait until the roots are smoothly sprouted. It usually takes 1 month to transplant before fertilizing, and then every 10 days or so(propagation containers). In this way, the demand for nutrients in potted strawberries can generally be satisfied, so that there is no growth failure due to lack of fertilizer.(3 gallon injection molded nursery pots in canada)

This will inevitably put people under pressure(128 cell seed starter trays). How long does it take to fertilize a strawberry after transplanting? Not only that, but the nutrient replenishment after transplanting should also be scientific. In order to improve the survival rate of strawberry seedling transplanting, the management after the upper pot can not be sloppy(plant pots manufacturers). Under normal circumstances, the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements in the fertilizer are prepared in a ratio of 1:1.26:0.74.

Therefore, in the growing season, the demand for nutrients in strawberries is relatively large(1 gallon planting pots), mainly in the intake of NPK fertilizer, but in order to promote the formation and differentiation of flower buds, the proportion of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is often larger(5 gallon plastic pots). In the choice of fertilizer, it is usually selected from fermented and fermented organic fertilizer and farmyard manure, and then combined with multi-component fertilizer.(3 gallon injection molded nursery pots in canada)

The effect of topdressing strawberry transplanting is very large(32 cell seed starting trays), but it also needs to be applied scientifically and reasonably, so as to avoid the phenomenon of dead seedling after transplanting. For some basin friends who like to pursue fruit quality, we can also spray some foliar fertilizers, especially before and after the flowering period(plastic pots for plants wholesale), we need to properly take the humic acid organic-inorganic liquid compound fertilizer to improve the fruit while providing the fruit setting rate. Quality.

It is easy to cause the lack of seedlings and ridges. When transplanting, the seedlings should not be too big or too small(105 cell seed starting trays). Because it is a small seedling, the amount of water needed is actually not much. You will find that after transplanting, as long as it is not open to the open air, the potting soil is wet for a long time. Do not water it. At least one week without watering, let it be quiet. Slowly start long leaves(germination tray), two pieces of two long leaves, the speed will be very fast.

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