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3 Gallon Pots For Plants Manufacturers In Canada

The banyan tree is an evergreen plant of the family Mulaceae(4 cell seed starting trays). It has an elegant and large canopy and air roots that can form a single tree. Fine tree species. The common breeding methods of banyan trees are cuttings, beading, burying, etc. In northern greenhouses, they are mostly carried out in the summer and in combination with plastic trimming(plastic greenhouse trays). Occasionally sowing and breeding or field control and other methods.

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In the end, more seeds are used for propagation. Sowing should be seeded, processed, and seeded(6 cell seed trays). First wrap the ripe berries with cotton gauze, and generally scrub them in clear water to make them rotten. After drying for 2-3 days, directly plant them in the prepared sand bed or flower pot(black plastic garden pots). Clean water to keep the bed moist. Under the condition of temperature of 25-30 ° C, ten germinations will occur one after another after 10 days of sowing.(3 gallon pots for plants manufacturers in canada)

Loquat seedlings have a developed root system and are easy to shape. Remove the lower leaves, put a part of the branches into the upper, compact and water, and take root in about 30 days(plastic seedling trays). The method of high branch batting is to select 2 year old branches, peel in a circular manner on the smooth parts of the branches, peeling width 1.0-1.5 cm, wrap the wound around the wound with moist peat, moss, etc(5 gallon plastic pots for plants). And put a few holes in the film for ventilation.

After the pupa grows for 15 days, it is transplanted into the pot when it grows to 6-7 leaves(12 cell seed trays). Finally, home breeding can be carried out using beading or high branch beading. Cut out 1 to 2 year old branches, cut into 5-15 cm long sections, each section contains 3-4 bud nodes, and retain an upper leaf(plant growing trays). At this time, the application of fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer can promote the increase of fruit grains, plump flesh, and improve the fruit quality.

(3 gallon pots for plants manufacturers in canada)When the leaves are large, they are rolled into a tube and tied with string(heavy duty seed starting trays). Cuttings in sand beds or flower pots, the depth of which is 1/3 of cuttings. After cutting, it is covered with plastic film for moisture retention and heat preservation, and the temperature is controlled at about 25 ° C. After 30-45 days rooting and germination, it can be transplanted into pots(black plastic plant containers). Rooting can be promoted if treated with ABT No. 1 rooting powder before cutting.

In order to increase the ornamental value, the stems of common spring trees can be used as rootstocks(288 cell plug tray), and the branches of excellent varieties with high ornamental value can be used as scion for crown-grafting. Grafting method: According to the determination of the soil department, in order to improve the ecological environment of cotton growth(nursery tree pots), the soil structure of the covered cotton field is better than that of the uncovered cotton field.(3 gallon pots for plants manufacturers in canada)

Generally, external root dressing can be performed multiple times a year, and the key point is to do it twice. Topdressing time is early spring and summer(1020 trays). Generally, the initial application of spring trees is 0.3 ~ 0.5 kg of urea per plant, and the maximum amount of urea per plant is 2 kg. After chasing, we should combine watering to give full play to the fertilizer effect. Summer topdressing is carried out from late July to mid August(15 inch plant pots). After growing roots, cut off the potted plants.

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