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3.5 Inch Square Plastic Succulent Pots In Bulk

Lily is very popular with everyone, but some of them are just squid, never even dare to try to plant(half gallon nursery pots). Then, I hope that this planting point can be discussed with the masters and shared with the novices. Lily flowers are beautiful and beautiful, and they are one of the five famous fresh cut flowers. In recent years, potted lily has quietly emerged, supplementing the deficiency of cut flower lily(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). High-quality potted plants require short, strong, compact stems and thick stems.(3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots in bulk)

Most of the white lily varieties have a plant height of 60-120 cm(1 gallon plant pots). The stems that are too tall are easy to be slanted and broken, which is inconvenient to carry, and the leaves are yellow and peeled off, and the overall viewing effect is not good. However, there are very few dwarf varieties of lily, and proper dwarfing during potting can greatly enhance the ornamental value, adapt to different market demands, and improve economic benefits(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). Let's introduce the dwarf technology of lily flower pots for the potted friends.

(3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots in bulk)Then the potted lily requires good matrix permeability, medium fertility, good moisture retention, no bacteria, and high salt content(half gallon container). The soil of Asian lily is pH 6-7, and the soil of oriental lily is 5.5-6.5. Matrix composition: 50% peat soil + 30% nursery soil + 20% perlite (or coarse river sand) + a small amount of ash. Different sizes of bulbs are suitable for potting(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). According to the size of the bulb, the pots of different sizes and the number of bulbs in each pot are selected.

The ball diameter is 12-16cm, the number of flowers per pot is 6-15(plant growing pots). The basin of 19-25cm can be planted with 3-5 capsules, the diameter of the bulb is 12-18cm, and the number of flowers of 5 balls per pot can reach 25 or so. Potted lily should choose a full, uniform, disease-free bulb. Before planting, the bulbs contaminated by the bacteria should be removed, and soaked with 75% chlorothalonil WP 800 times or 70% thiophanate 800 times for 1 hour(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), picked up and dried, and then planted in the pot.(3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots in bulk)

The bulb of a pot and a ball is placed in the middle of the pot, the buds are facing upwards(plastic nursery plant pots), and a bowl of multi-balls is evenly discharged. The buds are slightly toward the pelvic wall (to avoid buds and squeezing in the middle), and the soil is covered with 6-8 cm on the bulb ( Planted in winter) or 8-10cm (planted in summer), because the roots absorb the water and nutrients mainly during the growth of the lily, so the covering soil must not be too shallow, otherwise the root length of the stem may not be good(7 gallon nursery pots supplier), eventually affecting the growth of the lily, and it is easy to fall. .

First, place a layer of large-sized earthy mass at the bottom of the flower pot(cheap plastic flower pots), then lay a 1-2cm well-prepared substrate, put the seed ball, and make the basal root stretch and tiling (be careful not to cut the base root, you can remove the old necrosis root). When the potted lily buds are unearthed 5-10 cm, the soil is applied with paclobutrazol. Place it in the shade shelter, arrange it neatly at regular intervals, don't be too dense, and pour through the water(gallon plant pots wholesale). As long as the timing of application is mastered, the effect can be achieved by applying only once.

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