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3.5 Inch Square Plastic Succulent Pots Wholesale

However, many farmers have not mastered the construction of vegetable greenhouses and common planting management techniques(propagation tray), and the local law has been launched, resulting in low economic returns and even losses. Based on the practice and research over the past few years, the author puts forward the following opinions on the construction of vegetable greenhouses and common planting management techniques: vegetable greenhouses are generally plastic greenhouses(seed starter trays), and greenhouses are various in form.

(3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots wholesale)The climate is rainy, the air is humid, and there is snow in winter(plug trays). The multi-story shed is made up of steel pipes, with high strength (long life of 15 years) and strong disaster resistance (generally resistant to 10 typhoons); the shed is tall, the ventilation and lighting conditions are good, the land utilization rate is high, and the operation and management are convenient(wholesale greenhouse pots), but The high cost (more than 90 yuan per m2) is unaffordable for farmers and general enterprises.

A single steel pipe greenhouse not only has the advantages of a continuous greenhouse(gallon plant pot), but also has a much lower cost, 30 to 35 yuan per m2. Farmers can consider replacing bamboo and wood greenhouses. To build a single steel pipe greenhouse, it is necessary to select steel pipes that are both rust-proof and strong (having wind and snow resistance). The requirements are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes with a diameter of 28 to 32 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm(greenhouse supplies pots).

(3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots wholesale)The exhaust vents are located on both sides of the east and west(cell trays). First, it is conducive to the reduction of humidity in the shed, and secondly, it reduces the mutual shading between the planting crops and the high stalk crops in the shed, so that it receives light evenly. The third is to avoid the greenhouse ventilation (cooling) in the winter, the ventilation operation(plastic grow pots), the rapid cooling and the invasion of the north wind, and increase the amount of ventilation.

Vegetable greenhouses should be built on high-lying dry land (low groundwater level), convenient drainage and fertile soil(gallon nursery pots). According to the skeleton materials, bamboo and wood greenhouses and steel pipes can be classified. Greenhouse. The light transmittance of the new good shed film is above 85%. The cost per m2 is 7-9 yuan, but the strength is poor(flat plastic tray), the life is short, only about 2 years, and has the disadvantages of weak disaster resistance, inconvenient operation and management. (3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots wholesale)

According to the author's experimental research and the recommendation of the experts of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences(black plastic plant pots), the shoulder height is 1.8~2m, the top height is 2.8~3.2m, the span is 7~8m, the length is 40~55m, the vent height is 1.2~1.5m, and the steel pipe spacing is 0.6~1m. Such specifications mainly consider the greenhouse to increase the amount of ventilation and light transmission in the shed under the premise of resisting wind and snow(50 cell plug trays supplier), and take into account the improvement of land utilization rate and the suitable environment for planting various crops.

(3.5 inch square plastic succulent pots wholesale)The main factors affecting the light intensity in the shed are the quality of the plastic shed film(square nursery pots), as well as the opaque objects in the shed (including scaffolding, laminating lines, brackets, etc.). With the extension of the covering time, the shed film ages, the dust accumulates, and the light transmittance also decreases(105 cell plug trays supplier). The shed film with poor pollution and poor quality, the light transmittance after 2 years It can be reduced to less than 50%, so the general plastic film can only be used for 2 years.

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