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4 Gallon Cheap Wholesale Plastic Pots California

Crab claw orchid has poor water resistance, so avoid excessive watering during normal maintenance management(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Usually, after the surface of the potting soil has dried out, it will be watered for another 2-3 days. The main potting soil is not dry enough. We can replenish the water by spraying the surface water. Because crab claw orchid is an epiphytic plant(23cm plastic grow pots), although it does not like the moist soil environment, it does not mean that it does not like the high humidity air environment.

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(4 gallon cheap wholesale plastic pots california)This is just a kind of hydration method under normal circumstances(wholesale nursery pots). Is it suitable for flowering? Is the potted crab claw orchid period capable of spraying or watering? On the contrary, potted crab claw orchids tend to prefer moist air, so we need to It provides a certain amount of air humidity(6.35cm square grow pots). Not only that, but in any season of spring, summer, autumn and winter, we can achieve watering by spraying water on the blades.

Because crab claw orchid does not like the too moist soil environment(plastic nursery pots), it is easier to control the water volume by watering it with a watering can. This ensures that the leaves are clean and bright green, and the stems and leaves grow stronger. However, it is appropriate to keep the water temperature at a normal temperature of about 20 °C. However, after entering the autumn of October, the potted crab claws will appear in the flower buds(8.89cm square grow pots). For the watering at this time, the original we often need to be determined according to the growth of the plants.

(4 gallon cheap wholesale plastic pots california)If during the bud period, we need to properly control the watering to keep the basin soil slightly dry(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After the flower buds appear, you can increase the watering appropriately, but avoid water spray on the flower buds when watering, otherwise there will be buds. When the crab claws enter the flowering period, the watering work tends to be more important. After the potted crab claws bloom normally(11.43cm square grow pots), if we want to extend the flowering period for better viewing, we can place it in a relatively low temperature environment.

However, the watering work at this time should be based on the state that the potting soil is semi-dry and semi-wet(black plastic nursery pots). Moreover, even if it is watered, it is necessary to control the amount of water. Too much watering is prone to rotten roots. Too little watering is easy to cause the flowers to wither in advance due to the inability to obtain sufficient supply in time. It can be seen that the potted crab claw orchid can be sprayed in the flowering period to achieve watering and hydrating(heavy duty gallon pot). However, we need to control the amount of watering, neither too much nor too little.

(4 gallon cheap wholesale plastic pots california)Usually after the fall of October(plug trays wholesale), the crab claws will gradually appear gestation buds, and under normal circumstances, the flower buds will bloom as scheduled after about one month of growth. The watering should be appropriately increased according to the tree potential, and the increase is only a relative concept, because the crab claw orchid should keep the basin soil slightly dry during the bud period(11.43cm square nursery pots), which is more conducive to the promotion of flower buds. There will be no large drops of flower buds.

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