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4 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Planters Bulk Buy

Anthurium, also known as Anthurium(flat plastic tray), Anthurium, and Candle, is a perennial evergreen grass native to the tropical rainforests of South America. This will really make the flower friends more worried. Otherwise, how to solve such problems? Let's analyze the specific reasons and preventive methods(100 gallon grow bags). If the leaves are yellow, the main reason is the lack of light for a long time.

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At the same time, when the water is dry, then water it, don't rush to fertilize. Solution: Increase the lighting appropriately(cell trays). The second case is when the old leaves are yellow, the main reason is that the water shortage for a long time or the watering is not watered. Solution: Water every time(decorative plastic planters). The third situation is that if the new leaves are yellow, but the old leaves are normal, it means that the amount of watering is too large, or the lack of fertilizer.

(4 gallon heavy duty plastic planters bulk buy)In fact, it is a friend who likes to cut the anthurium(square nursery pots). The indoor maintenance anthurium should be managed in a semi-yin, moist and warm environment. It is critical to compost corn stalk fertilizer and improve the ratio of fertilizer efficiency raw materials. After being piled up, it was turned over twice for about 10 days, and every 7 days, it was inverted for 3 to 4 times(10 gallon fabric grow bags). The first case is old leaves and new leaves.

First, the air humidity is too small, that is, it is too dry. Another situation is the lack of trace mineral elements(wholesale greenhouse pots). Control the temperature, humidity, sun and sun in the morning and evening, appropriate fertilization. When the anthurium leaves appear yellow, dry, and rot, the bacteria may be caused by bacteria(fabric bag manufacturer). Spraying 0.3% solution of garlic juice, 0.2% solution of vinegar or carbendazim, chlorothalon 800 -1000 times liquid and other fungicides for control.(4 gallon heavy duty plastic planters bulk buy)

The temperature should be between 20-25 °C, not higher than 33 °C, and it is prone to discomfort(bulk 10 gallon pots). The air humidity must be between 75-90%, and less than 50% of the blades are prone to dry edges. If excessive base fertilizer is used, in the planting of soybeans, if the soil temperature is too low or the temperature difference is too large(1 gallon fabric grow bags), the hollow shoots will be formed. The direct stem is exposed to direct light is the important reason for discoloration.

(4 gallon heavy duty plastic planters bulk buy)Do a good job of corn stalk treatment(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The corn stalks are first cut into 3 to 4 cm long, and can also be pulverized by a pulverizer, soaked in the faeces and urine, so as to be saturated. The ratio of raw materials should be appropriate. Chopped corn stalks, soil, livestock manure, human excrement, prepared at a ratio of 6:1:2:1, mixed uniformly and then subjected to heap fermentation(plastic garden plant pots). The ratio of straw to water is preferably 1:3.

Strictly control the temperature inside the stack(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). This is most beneficial for microbial decomposition of fiber bacteria. The acidity in the reactor is adjusted, and the microorganisms in the heap are suitable to be operated under neutral and slightly alkaline conditions. When the acidity is too large, a small amount of lime or grass ash may be added in an appropriate amount(plastic ground cover for weeds). The corn stover fertilizer thus piled up can reach the quality standard after 25 to 30 days.(4 gallon heavy duty plastic planters bulk buy)

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