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4 Inch Greenhouse Pots Wholesale Canada

Fertilizers can be divided into organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers(18 cell plug trays supplier). Organic fertilizers have more comprehensive nutrients and slower fertilizer efficiency. Inorganic fertilizer, also known as chemical fertilizer, such as commonly used ammonium nitrate, urea, diammonium, etc., has high active ingredients, fast fertilizer efficiency, low dosage, and better combined effect with organic fertilizer. In order to ensure the quality of aloe vera, it is generally not recommended to apply fertilizer. Fertilization methods include application of base fertilizer and application of topdressing(wholesale nursery pots). Organic fertilizer is often used as a base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is mixed with the potting soil before the potting.

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(4 inch greenhouse pots wholesale canada)Generally, the ratio of potting soil to organic fertilizer is about 10:1, mix well, and then put together in the pot(20 cell plug trays supplier), the organic fertilizer must be fully fermented, otherwise it will produce seedling phenomenon. It is generally applied by using bean cake water or 50% horseshoe aqueous solution at a concentration of not more than 50%. Fertilizer should not be too thick, otherwise it will produce "fertilizer"(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In particular, when the top dressing is applied by foliar application, the fertilizer concentration should not exceed 0.1%.

Topdressing every 30 days or so(40 cell plug trays supplier), depending on the growth of aloe vera and different seasons, it usually grows faster in spring and autumn. It can increase the number of top dressings, slow growth in winter, less fertilization, or even no fertilization. In order to meet the requirements of various environmental conditions such as water, fertilizer, gas and heat during the growth and development of aloe roots(plug trays wholesale), various suitable substrates were selected to scientifically prepare suitable potted soil for household potted aloe.(4 inch greenhouse pots wholesale canada)

The potting soil should have good performance in drainage, water retention, ventilation and fertilizer storage(104 cell plug trays supplier). The commonly used pot soil formula is: the ratio of humus, garden loam, and river sand is 2:2:1. Replace the river sand with sawdust or cooked coal ash, the ratio is unchanged. Aloe vera prefers to grow in a neutral environment. It is most suitable for the pot base of aloe growth. It generally requires pH 6.8-7.0(black plastic nursery pots). In addition, it is required that the potting soil is relatively clean and hygienic, and the soil disinfection and sterilization treatment can be carried out by using the speed of extinction.

From the texture of the flower pot(105 cell seed trays wholesale), there are mud pots, purple sand pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots, etc., according to personal hobbies and aesthetic taste, choose the right flower pot planting. If a new basin is used, the water will be soaked, otherwise the water will not penetrate the basin after the upper basin, and the semi-dry and semi-wet basin will hurt the new root(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If the old flower pot is used, the soil residue and moss should be cleaned and dried in the sun to increase the permeability of the pot and prevent pests and diseases.

(4 inch greenhouse pots wholesale canada)The selection of seedlings before the upper basin is an important key(sureroot plug trays bulk). The robust aloe seedlings are short and thick with dark green color and more than four self-generated roots. The process of planting the cultivated aloe vera seedlings into pots is called the upper pot. The upper basin is the beginning of potting. This process is good or bad, and it is closely related to the growth and development of potted aloe. In spring and summer(plastic nursery pots). The indoor temperature is suitable at 15 to 18 °C. The roots are fast at the right temperature and the rejuvenation time is short.

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