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4 Inch Plastic Succulent Pots Wholesale Philippines

After the spring seedlings of daylily are unearthed, deepen the gully and repair the gully so that it can be discharged and irrigated(plastic plant pots). In the spring seedling period, it is generally necessary to cultivate three or four times(20 gallon pots). After the heavy rain and soil compaction, loosen the soil in time to make the soil loose and breathable, the groundwater level is reduced, the ground temperature is increased, and weeds are eliminated in time.

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The first tillage can be carried out when the spring seedlings are not unearthed or just unearthed(fabric planter bags). Fertilization should be based on soil fertility and the growth of daylily, as needed. If carbon and ammonia are applied, the method of hole application or deep application should be used to prevent burns on the leaves(nursery tray). Dry seeds and rub off the bristles before sowing. When fertilizing the spring seedlings of daylily, do not simply apply ammonia fertilizer.

(4 inch plastic succulent pots wholesale philippines)If there is no farm manure applied in winter, human excrement should be applied once after the spring fungus is unearthed, generally 150-290 kg per mu(15 gallon pot). When nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are applied together, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should not be too large, to prevent the leaves from becoming long and the leaves are too tender to reduce the resistance to diseases and insect pests(10 gallon pots).

Excessive rainfall or poor drainage, prone to leaf blight, so that the leaves gradually withered from the tip(heavy duty plant pots). The daylilies are picked prematurely, the buds are not long, the weight is light, the yield is low, the slivers are small, and the color is black; but when the picking is late, the buds have been opened, and they are prone to insects, and the yield and quality are reduced(5 gallon pots). Don't pick early, miss or pick lightly.(4 inch plastic succulent pots wholesale philippines)

Generally, the three fertilizers of ammonia, phosphorus and potassium should be applied together(1 gallon plant pots); from early March to early April, the seedlings should be sprouted and grown, and about 10 kg of ammonia fertilizer per acre and about 7.5 kg of potassium fertilizer can be applied. Pick the abstract carefully without touching the flower buds and breaking the moss(lavender plug trays). Hold the flower stalk with your thumb and index finger.

(4 inch plastic succulent pots wholesale philippines)The flowers that were picked at the right time are characterized by full appearance, soft texture, slightly cracked flower mouth, yellow color, high yield and good quality(2 gallon plant pots). The picking time of each day varies according to the variety. Xianju and Datong Daylily in Shanxi should be picked at 8 ~ 10 am(7 gallon pots). The buds collected should be processed and steamed within two hours. To prevent the flower buds from opening early due to heat.

The other 3 fingers are broken off from the connection between the pedicle and the moss stalk(3 gallon plant pots). They cannot be picked too long or too short. During the harvest period of daylily, to avoid rotting in the rain, the flower buds to be cracked can be collected(deep propagation trays), steamed on the steamer until six or seven are mature and cooled, and then marinated in the vat, usually 5 kg of flowers with 50 grams of salt Layer pickled. Pick a certain route every day.(4 inch plastic succulent pots wholesale philippines)

In this way, when marinating, first put a layer of salt on the bottom of the tank, and then a layer of salt on the flowers(25 gallon nursery pots). After marinating, then lightly compact it with stones on the top, so as not to hurt the flowers on the surface. It can be dried in the tank immediately, and the general curing time is not more than one week(128 cell plug flats). Digging the soil early will help the new roots germinate and weeds rot. Carrot seeds have bristles and absorb water slowly.

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