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4 Inch Plastic Terracotta Planters Online

Carrots are common vegetables in life, and many diseases will be encountered during the growth of carrots(flat plastic tray). This article will introduce the prevention methods in detail. Carrot black spot disease stems, leaves, petiole can be infected. The leaf infections start from the tip or edge of the leaf, and there are irregular dark brown to black lesions(gallon nursery pots). When the humidity is high, the black mold layer grows on the lesion, the severe lesions merge, the leaf edge rolls, and the leaves Early dry.

The lesions are oblong, dark brown and slightly concave(plastic grow pots). The disease is a fungal disease. The pathogens overwinter on seeds or diseased bodies with hyphae or conidia. The diseased plants are removed in time and buried deeply. When the weather is dry, water should be sprayed in time to prevent the soil from being wet and dry(cell trays); appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers will make the plants grow robust and the disease resistance will increase.(4 inch plastic terracotta planters online)

Seed dressing with 50% thiram double wettable powder, or 40% seed dressing double powder, or 70% mancozeb(greenhouse supplies pots), or 75% chlorothalonil, or 50% chlorhexidine WP. Spray 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times solution, or 58% metalaxyl manganese zinc wettable powder 400-500 times solution, or 40% captan WP WP 300-400 times solution, or 50% Due to the 1500 times solution of the wettable powder(gallon plant pot), spray once every 10 days, and continuously control 3-4 times.

(4 inch plastic terracotta planters online)The surrounding tissue is aggravated and faded. Spread by airflow and re-infested(wholesale greenhouse pots). In general, the rainy season and the weak plants have a serious incidence. The bacteria are overwintering in the soil with sclerotia, and Hunchun spreads by wind, rain, contact, etc. The onset temperature is 20 °C(plug trays). Wall-mounted flower arrangement, wall-inserted containers are mostly half-faced vessels. Stack fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables on the other side of the container. 

The disease is only harmful to the fleshy roots(seed starter trays). During the growth period, the underground fleshy roots soften, and water-stained lesions appear on the outside, and then rot. White wooly mycelium and rat fecal sclerotia appear on the surface. The sclerotia is initially white and then turns black(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). The top of the ground is dead. During the storage period, the disease can continue to occur, causing rot in the whole sputum. The disease is a fungal disease.

The shape is more casual, but the color should pay attention to harmony(square nursery pots). The styling uses natural techniques to express the natural beauty of flowers. Make it vivid, harmonious and interesting. In the selection of flower materials, it is advisable to use flowers that are delicate, soft, elegant, and small in flowers. The accompanying flowers are mostly small leaves and ornamental plants such as Wenzhu and ornamental ferns(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Fruit and vegetable flower arrangement, use fruit plate, dish, etc. as container.(4 inch plastic terracotta planters online)

For the broadcast, pay attention to the clever layout, and choose the four seasons flower(black plastic plant pots). Insert 3-5 sets of flowering branches in the front half of the container, choose a long flower branch with bright colors as the main branch, and use it as a foil to match the decorative leaves such as Asparagus. As the seasons change, it is re-inserted and often new(propagation tray). The flower arrangement has a strong sense of life, making people feel natural and natural after watching.

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