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4 Inch Square Greenhouse Pots Suppliers China

Photinia fortunei is a tree species that is resistant to pruning and easy to shape(best microgreen trays). It has strong germination ability and can be pruned and shaped all year round(4.33inch plastic plant pots). However, it is recommended that trimming to achieve the effect of plastic surgery should be carried out in winter, so you can use a combination of short cut, thinning and so on to complete.

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Short-cut and heavy-shearing are not suitable for hot summer weather, but pruning in this season is not conducive to plant growth(succulent propagation tray). We also need to add auxiliary measures for it. The purpose of our pruning is to allow the plants to germinate more branches on the one hand, so that the tree shape grows more lush, on the other hand, to achieve the purpose of styling and improve the ornamental(4.72inch plastic plant pots). For pruning Photinia phoenix, how to trim it?

(4 inch square greenhouse pots suppliers china)The following editor will introduce the main points of pruning technology(lavender plug trays wholesale). Pruning Photinia fortunei is mostly carried out in early spring, early summer, and early autumn before budding or after the new shoots have spread out(4.92inch plastic plant pots). Everyone knows how much pruning needs to be determined according to the current status of plant growth, and it must not be done blindly, otherwise it will have the opposite and worthless consequences.

Adhere to the principle of "shearing the weak and retaining the strong" and keep the tree shape based on a graceful posture(large plastic plant containers). In addition, in order to ensure the normal growth of the plant, but at the same time avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it is easy to sunburn the plant and affect the growth(5.12inch plastic plant pots). When pruning, make sure that the cut is about 0.5 cm above the knot, so that it will not affect the growth of branch tips and tree shape beauty.(4 inch square greenhouse pots suppliers china)

In addition, it is necessary to cut off the frostbought branches and leaves in winter in order to maintain a good tree shape(propagation trays canada). In mid-May, you can also perform a pruning to promote the second germination of the plant; you can trim again. In order to promote the third shoot germination of the plant(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Pruning is the main measure for the plant to continue to grow new shoots and maintain the beautiful tree shape on the basis of the tree shape.

After the above pruning, the tree shape will become more perfect and the leaf color will be more beautiful(cheap plant containers for sale). This will do more with less. After pruning, in order to maintain the good growth of the plant, we need to provide it with a proper amount of nutrient replenishment, and promote rapid growth through topdressing(112 cell propagation trays wholesale), after entering about 8 months, sufficient light should be given, so that the tube body can be opened as expected.

(4 inch square greenhouse pots suppliers china)Pruning can not only cultivate stronger branches(hydroponic trays for sale), but also make the whole tree look more stylish and ornamental, making it more decorative and embellishment effect indoors and outdoors. Before we trim potted Photinia fragrant, we must make clear the purpose of the trimming, the trimming season, the trimming method(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), and what kind of effect may be achieved after trimming. We must have a clear understanding of these aspects.

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