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4 Inch Square Nursery Pots Wholesale Price China

There is a big difference in the number of days from flowering to pods picking(one gallon pot). In summer cultivation, due to the high temperature and fast growth speed of pods, there is only 20 days from flowering to picking. In winter cultivation, it takes more than 30 days from flowering to picking(10 gallon pots). Therefore, we need to grasp the picking date flexibly according to the use of pods and the degree of Pods' strength.

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The pods, which mainly eat green beans, have been fully inflated and 70% of them are full(heavy duty plastic plant pots). When the pods are about to turn color, they should be harvested in time. The scion of the strong age mother tree was selected as the branch of 2-3-year-old sunward, and the seedlings of Ginkgo biloba were used as rootstock for many years to be grafted before and after Qingming Festival(5 gallon pots). The scion length is 20-25cm, and the branches with 5-7 short branches are better.(4 inch square nursery pots wholesale price china)

The lower end of the scion is cut into a triangular shape, i.e(2 gallon pots wholesale). the lower end of the scion is obliquely cut inwards to half of the cut at the place 5-6cm from the cut, and then cut one knife on both sides of the cut surface, with a width of about 2-3mm, and its depth reaches the formation layer, forming a wedge. The roots and tillers of old ginkgo growing in the mountain were dug and propagated(15 gallon pots). The inner part is filled with rural soil, and the scion is exposed to the outside for 6-7cm. 

According to the bark of the split split to both sides, insert the wide side of the scion cutting surface against the xylem(deep plastic plant pots), and then firmly stick the split rootstock bark to the cutting surface on both sides of the scion, wrap it with plastic film strips, and then enclose it in a shallow bowl with bamboo sheath or straw(7 gallon plant pots). Always keep the filling moist, remove it after the lodging, and cut off the sprouting of the rootstock, The survival rate of scion can reach 95%.

(4 inch square nursery pots wholesale price china)The rootstock was cut off at 50-60cm and cut with a sharp knife(6 inch plant pots). When the ratio of the natural enemies of thrips at six points to adults of Tetranychus Tetranychus Tetranychus is 1:5, the natural enemies are less and the damage of Tetranychus is more serious, the Chemical control was used to control the harm of Tetranychus(plastic plant trays wholesale). Because of the different growing seasons and cultivation methods, the spider mites are often eaten clean. 

The Ancient Ginkgo biloba grown in villages and temples often has more raised milk roots at the base of the tree(plastic plant pots ireland). After the milk roots are separated from the mother plant, the root system is developed, the sprouted new branches and leaves are cultivated, and then processed in the basin, the ginkgo bonsai with thick roots, elegant posture and strong branches and luxuriant leaves can be made(nursery plant pots). It was about 5-6cm long and reached the xylem. 

The natural enemies of Tetranychus Tetranychus can only clean up their prey after a period of propagation on Ginkgo biloba(4 inch plastic plant pots). From June to July, the damage of Tetranychus Tetranychus may cause certain damage to the leaves, but do not spray before serious damage is caused(greenhouse supplies pots). For Ginkgo biloba trees with Tetranychus Tetranychus overwintering, observe the activities of the natural enemies of Tetranychus Tetranychus.(4 inch square nursery pots wholesale price china)

Therefore, there are many kinds of natural enemies that control the harm of the spider mites, such as thrips, sandflies, ladybirds and spiders(three gallon pot). Although ginkgo can live for thousands of years, it is often attacked by Tetranychus mites. The Tetranychus viennensis is the main mite that endangers Ginkgo biloba(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Do not spray high toxic pesticides on Ginkgo biloba to kill natural enemies when thrips are preying on spider mites.

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