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5 Gallon Flower Pot Wholesale Supplier

We will prepare the ash or nutrient soil that has been fully fermented and fermented in advance(seedling trays), and the seedlings can be harvested in the early stage of planting pumpkins. It is not advisable to use short varieties of melon seedlings. The pumpkin seeds are sun-dried for 2 days, and then watered after sowing. The plants are too densely planted, and the axillary buds grow to 40 cm and can be harvested(plastic grow pots). Onion is a common vegetable in life, not only can be cooked alone, but also can be a lot of dishes.

(5 gallon flower pot wholesale supplier)There are still a lot of areas where onions are grown, mainly to learn the key points of planting management of onions(perlite price). It can grow normally in almost any soil. However, because the root absorption capacity of onion is not very good, it is necessary to choose the soil fertile and loose soil for planting, and the soil can maintain water and water retention capacity and permeability. Too bad, such soil can promote the growth and development of the roots(greenhouse pots), in order to make the onions grow better.

Moreover, onions need sufficient illumination time during the growth process(15 gallon nursery pots), so the planting area should choose a sunny area. After selecting the planting place of the onion, it is necessary to start the land preparation work. When the land is being prepared, the degree of land preparation should be determined according to the fertilizer and water content and permeability of the planting soil, and the soil should be properly thinned to ensure the planting area(square nursery pots). There are no large clods in the volume, which can increase the permeability of the planting area.

(5 gallon flower pot wholesale supplier)The growth is weak, let the light eliminate the bacteria and parasites in the soil(shallow 1020 trays), and then apply the base fertilizer to the planting land, so that the fertilizer and the soil can improve the soil fertility and enhance the growth ability of the seedlings. The application of the base fertilizer should be carried out together with the work of the soil preparation. The amount of the base fertilizer should be determined according to the actual area of the soil(seed starter trays). The base fertilizer should use the farmer's fertilizer which has been fully decomposed, and it can be matched with the appropriate amount of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

If the growth is too large, do not rush to flatten the soil after plowing the soil. Let the soil be exposed to sunlight for five to seven days(black plastic plant pots). The correct sowing time is the key to ensure the normal growth of the seedlings. Improper sowing time will hinder the growth of onion. , affecting the yield and quality of onions. After the onion grows out of the seedlings, the first top dressing is required. This time, the top dressing mainly uses nitrogen fertilizer(plastic plant trays), and the nitrogen fertilizer can effectively increase the growth rate of the seedlings.(5 gallon flower pot wholesale supplier)

At present, the time of sowing in southern China can be selected in mid-September(10 gallon plant pot). According to the previous onion emergence, the seedlings should be checked in time after the seedlings are unearthed. Cover the nutrient soil about one to two centimeters after sowing to ensure that the seedlings are unearthed. After the seedlings are almost unearthed, they can be transplanted and planted(one gallon nursery pots). The selection of the prosperous seedlings, the seedlings of the same size are planted together, which can facilitate the later management.

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