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5 Gallon Plastic Growing Pots Wholesale Price

The seedling industry is a country-oriented market(propagation tray). The ecological greening project cannot be started in time to make the sales of seedlings very unsatisfactory. The large-scale greening company's self-built seedlings are mainly large-sized seedlings, which is a tight supply in the market. This part of the seedlings is still strong due to the scarcity market. Farmers who follow the trend are like retail investors in the stock market(flat plastic tray). Blindly planted seedlings that are easily saturated in the market. Lavender is a rich purple-blue flower.

(5 gallon plastic growing pots wholesale price)It has the same romantic feelings as its location(plug trays). This flower, born in Provence, France, is surrounded by various romantic love stories. Legend has it that the appearance of this flower represents love and commitment, waiting for love. This romantic lavender is now loved by more and more young people. Love her, take her to plant lavender(plastic grow pots)! Northern open field cultivation is usually planted at the end of February or March in spring, and large plants in winter are good for wintering.

It can also be planted in the fall in October, and planted in the spring of the year(gallon plant pot); in the warm southern part of the country, it is suitable for the growth of lavender in winter, so it is usually planted in autumn in October. Lavender seeds are difficult to germinate. In order to improve the germination rate and the uniformity of emergence, the lavender seeds need to be treated before planting. After immersing French lavender in warm water for 12 hours(greenhouse supplies pots), the seeds were soaked for 2 h at a temperature of 20-30 °C with a concentration of 25 mg/kg gibberellin.

(5 gallon plastic growing pots wholesale price)The seeds are then poured onto a dry towel along with water to filter out the seeds(cell trays). After the seeds are slightly dried, put them in a cool dry place for seeding. The lavender seed coat is smooth and not easy to absorb water. The seed should be ground first with fine gauze paper. After the seed is ground and soaked in warm water for 12 hours, the gibberellin solution with a concentration of 25 mg/kg is used at 20-30 °C. Soak the seeds for 2h(wholesale greenhouse pots). The seeds are then poured onto a dry towel along with water to filter out the seeds.

Depending on the amount of seed and the area to be spread(gallon nursery pots), the seeds are evenly mixed with a certain fine soil and fine sand, and then uniformly sprinkled into the seedbed. After that, in order to make the surface soil difficult to form and facilitate seed emergence, the vermiculite and bauxite or fine sand and bauxite are mixed at a volume ratio of 2:1 to cover the seed, and the thickness of the cover soil is suitable for covering the seed(seed starter trays). After covering the soil, the sprinkling pot is used. The seedbed is fully wet again, and the germination days are about 14-25 days. It is necessary to carefully manage and wait patiently.

(5 gallon plastic growing pots wholesale price)At the same time, it is also possible to formulate the seedling soil by itself(black plastic plant pots), and the seedling soil is suitable to be prepared according to (sand: peat soil) = 4:2:1. The cultured soil must be disinfected first, and formalin can be used for fumigation. Steam sterilization can be used under certain conditions. If the culture is less prepared, it is also necessary to add carbendazim powder to it(square nursery pots). When preparing, add a certain compost of farmyard manure or compound fertilizer and mix well.

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