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5 Gallon Plastic Nursery Plant Containers Wholesale

At present, because the Chinese cabbage is called “home vegetable” in the northern region by the common people, it is generally the main vegetable in winter(plastic plant pots). The perennial Chinese cabbage planting area is about 1333.33hm2, and the output is about 5000kg/667m2. The quick and easy punching method is as follows: 2 trays are aligned with the upper and lower extrusions(plastic flower pots wholesale), and 1 hole is used for 1 capsule, which is convenient for both seed and substrate transplanting.(5 gallon plastic nursery plant containers wholesale)

In recent years, the transplanting technology of Chinese cabbage seedlings has been verified and promoted(12cm plastic plant pots). However, in mid-August, Chinese cabbage was planted in the open air. The growth of Chinese cabbage was good, the pests and diseases were few, the production management was convenient, the cost was increased, and the yield was stable(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). At present, this technology has been widely promoted in the production of Chinese cabbage in the autumn of Jixian County, and is very popular among growers.

(5 gallon plastic nursery plant containers wholesale)At present, its cultivation techniques are as follows: autumn white cabbage seedlings should be selected to have high temperature resistance, disease resistance(5 gallon plastic pots), short growth period, strong ball formation, good commercial characteristics, etc. It is suitable to use a variety with a growth period of about 70 days. At this time, the temperature is high and the rain is too much, which often affects and inhibits the growth of Chinese cabbage seedlings(nursery trays), leading to a reduction in production later.

During the Ming Dynasty, the cabbage was sent to the capital as a tribute(13cm plastic plant pots). The goal of rapid production, high yield and high efficiency has achieved the desired results. According to the characteristics of the variety, reasonable close planting, the general plant spacing is about 40cm, and 3,000 to 3,200 plants are planted per 667m2. The size of the plastic tray is 54cm×28cm, and the 50-hole tray is the best cost-effective(shallow germination trays). Immediately after planting, water the plants and pour through the seedlings.

(5 gallon plastic nursery plant containers wholesale)Chinese cabbage is highly susceptible to soft rot(12cm nursery pot), which is extremely unfavorable for the production of Chinese cabbage, and the yield is also unstable. Starting from the beginning of September, due to the short growth period and fast growth rate of Chinese cabbage, we should choose the land that is convenient for irrigation and drainage, fertile soil and rich in organic matter, combined with deep plow and fine tillage(plastic flower pots manufacturers), and apply 3m3 of organic fertilizer per 667m2 for planting.

Topdressing 1 or 2 times during the whole growth period(14cm plant pots). Planting in the greenhouse, seedling transplanting, planting in advance, when the front crop can not be dumped or dumped in time, can not be timely land preparation, in addition to the application of base fertilizer, cabbage should also be arranged according to the growth period of the growth period, reasonable watering top dressing(germination flats). Downy mildew, 72% cream urea manganese zinc wettable powder, dimethomorph and other agents can be used.(5 gallon plastic nursery plant containers wholesale)

However, the high temperature and humidity in autumn are large(15cm nursery pot). For cabbage cultivation, the cabbage tastes good, the soup is fine, the fiber is fine, and the nutrition is rich. The lemon tree potted pruning and the lemon planting have different places, because the potted lemon is limited by space, so We can't make the lemon tree grow too big, usually keep a trunk and then spread the top of it(15 gallon plant pots). Because the shape of each lemon is different, it can be done by tree pruning.

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