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5 Gallon Plastic Pots For Plants Online

In winter, the temperature should be kept above 10 °C(square plant pots). It also has a name called the tree leg, and if it is properly maintained, it can reach 10 meters in height! There are two kinds of breeding methods for wine bottle orchids, sowing and cutting. Domestic wine bottle orchids generally use cuttings to breed better, and need to be properly maintained after breeding(plastic plant trays wholesale). It is necessary to select seeds that are full of particles and are not defective.

A seed of the seed can be adhered to the culture medium with a wet toothpick and then covered with 1 cm of soil(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It is best to use a spray to gradually soak the soil. It usually grows within a week. Cutting is the most commonly used in the breeding method of wine bottle orchid(1 gallon pot). Cutting propagation is more suitable for the two seasons in the late spring and early autumn. It is best to choose the new branches of the year for cutting.(5 gallon plastic pots for plants online)

Choose on the wine bottle orchid plant, a strong one in the current year(nursery plant pots), cut the branches into a section, each section must have three leaf sections, the length of the cuttings should not exceed 15 cm, and then insert the cuttings into In the prepared matrix, it usually takes root in about one month(15 gallon plant pot). It is best to have seeds that were born in the same year, so the germination rate will be higher.

If the cutting substrate can be mixed with peat soil and river sand(10 gallon pot), the river sand should be washed first with water to avoid excessive salt growth and affect plant growth. The most important step in sowing is to select the seeds. After sowing, do not irrigate the water. If the temperature is too low, the base of the plant will rot(7 gallon pot). When receiving light, it is best to shift the pot properly to make the plant stand upright and more beautiful.(5 gallon plastic pots for plants online)

Insufficient light, do not overdo it, avoid burning roots(nursery trays). The root of the wine bottle is very thick, and it has good drought tolerance. Even if it is not watered for half a year, it can grow. Usually, the soil should be dry and not water, otherwise it will easily rot. Wine bottle orchid likes the relatively moist air, the humidity is best kept at 70~80%, usually more water spray moisturizing(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), if the air is too dry, it will cause the leaves to yellow and withered.

In the winter, the wine bottle grows slowly and stops fertilizing(plastic terracotta pots). The growth of wine bottle orchids requires sufficient sunlight, which will cause the leaves to become weak and weak, not only affecting the growth of the plants, but also greatly reducing the ornamental value(25 gallon planters). In addition to the glare of summer, wine bottle orchids can receive full daylight. It is best to turn the pot about one and a half months.(5 gallon plastic pots for plants online)

At this time, the wine bottle orchid likes the warm environment, suitable for growing at a temperature of 20 ~ 28 ° C(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), if the temperature exceeds 33 ° C in the summer, it is necessary to properly shade and cool, and more water spray to the plant. The NPK compound fertilizer can be applied once every half month(3 gallon pot), preferably as a thin fertilizer solution, which is beneficial for absorption.

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