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5 Gallon Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale Suppliers Florida

How do cactus plants overwinter? Cactus and succulents are native to tropical and subtropical regions(plastic nursery pots). They have ecological habits that are warm, sunny, moist, and cold. The main reason for winter maintenance is to protect against cold and freeze. Master the relationship between temperature, light and water: According to the temperature requirements of cactus plants in winter, they are roughly divided into cold-resistant and cold-tolerant, and must be treated differently in management(12 cell trays bulk). The southern part is more cold-tolerant, generally can be exposed to winter, and the cold-tolerant type requires only a short period of human maintenance.

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(5 gallon plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers florida)Due to the low temperature in the north, all cacti and succulents need to be managed(wholesale nursery pots). Depending on the type of plant, the time of the human room, the control of the indoor temperature, and the time of leaving the house are also different. The cold-tolerant species can be covered with plastic bags during cold weather. The types that are not cold-resistant should be placed in a room with heating facilities, or placed in a small temperature shed made of glass or plastic film on the sunny window sill for warmth(8 cell trays bulk). The cactus plant is a Xiyang flower, and the person should be placed in a position to receive direct light.

Receive as much light as possible. This can enhance photosynthesis, promote growth and development, and avoid cold(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Placed in a sunny balcony or a sunny window sill; without this condition, the plastic bag can be placed in the sunny weather around the noon to expose the outdoor leeward sun to the sun, and the light can be turned on during the cold night to increase the indoor temperature(6 cell trays bulk). Cactus plants themselves contain a lot of water and have strong drought tolerance.(5 gallon plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers florida)

In winter, if there is too much water(black plastic nursery pots), it will easily cause the plants to suffer from freezing damage, which will cause rotten roots and even rot and death. Therefore, watering should be strictly controlled after entering the room. Before the end of November or before the beginning of December, see the surface soil dry should be properly poured a little water, the water temperature must be close to room temperature. For the varieties that bloom in the late winter and early spring, not only water should be watered as appropriate(4 cell trays bulk), but also an appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied to make it bloom in time and the flowers are bright. The above is an introduction to how cactus plants spend the winter.

At the same time, watering and fertilization should be stopped during this period to make the permeability of the soil better(plug trays wholesale). If it is in the dry season, water the water every day to make the soil moist. Cactus does not require high fertilizer. Generally, as long as it grows vigorously, apply proper amount of decomposed organic fertilizer, but do not apply too much to avoid yellowing. Stop fertilizing immediately(24 cell trays bulk), pour some water, then pour out the water, then water it, and repeat it several times to reduce the amount of fertilizer in the soil.(5 gallon plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers florida)

Alkaline or partial acid in soil: Cactus prefers to grow in slightly alkaline or neutral soils(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the soil is too alkaline or acidic, it will make the plants yellow. The fertilizer is poured in time to reduce the alkalinity of the soil, or an alkaline solution such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus is applied to lower the acidity of the soil. Cactus is light but not glare. If it is exposed to the sun or placed in a cool place for a long time, it will turn the plant yellow(20 cell trays bulk). If it is exposed to light for a long time, put it in a cool place. If it is placed in the shade for a long time, move it to a place with scattered light.

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