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5 Gallon Plastic Pots Wholesale Suppliers China

The following is the occurrence rule and control method of banana "anthrax", which can be referred to(32 cell plant trays bulk). It mainly damages immature or mature fruits, and also flowers, leaves, spindles and banana bodies(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Some charred fruits have small brown to black red spots on the surface, which do not expand, but expand to the deep of the pulp, causing rot and giving off fragrant smell.

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The optimum growth temperature of banana anthracnose is 25-30 ℃, and the optimum development temperature of disease on fruit is 32 ℃(50 cell plant trays bulk). The disease resistant varieties with high yield and high quality can be infected during the green fruit stage in the field, and they invade with the attached spore and lurk on the green fruit in the dormancy state(128 cell plug trays supplier), and show symptoms only after the fruit is ripe and harvested.(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers china)

Among all kinds of banana, banana is the most serious disease, followed by plantain, Saigon banana is the lightest, poor drainage, rainy and foggy plantations are also more vulnerable(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Therefore, timely clearing and burning of diseased flowers, diseased axes and diseased fruits, and bagging at the beginning of fruit can reduce the infection of pathogens(2.5inch square nursery pots), and it is sealed for one day and night after burning. 

Pick the fruit at the right time(plastic plant trays). Local sales should be controlled at maturity of 9, and those for export should be harvested at maturity of 7-8. Fruits should be picked in sunny days, and wounds should be reduced. Do a good job in the sanitation of packaging room, storage and transportation warehouse(3.5inch square nursery pots), spray 5% methyllong solution or smoke with sulfur for 24 hours for disinfection 2-2.5kg sulfur is used every 100m3.

(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers china)First of all, in the first ten days of July, there is a large demand for water, so water must not be lacked, otherwise the leaves will dry up(18 cell plug trays supplier). In winter, water should also be kept in the basin and put in the sun. Generally, the seeds can be sown in the first ten days of April. In order to provide sufficient fertilizer for the growth of plant(4.5inch square nursery pots), 40-50 kg cake fertilizer (or 400-500 kg rotten human feces and urine) can be applied per mu.

However, when the first leaf of the plant is harvested, the fertilizer is applied again according to the above methods(20 cell plug trays supplier). When the farmers grow the plant, if the special formula fertilizer with rich nutrition is used scientifically, it will have a good effect of increasing production and income(4.5inch deep square pots). Because of its novel flower shape and red halo of young stem, it is often used for flower arrangement and also an ornamental tree species in greening.

The plant is 2-3 meters high, with sparse branches, reddish brown twigs, with red halo, new branches with silky hair, bud scales purple red, shiny(best fabric pots). It can be shaped and pruned at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter as required. A micronutrient can be sprayed separately once again after spraying(seedling trays wholesale). The untimely control will lead to the death of banana plants, which needs to be controlled as early as possible in the planting process.(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers china)

In early spring, flowers come first, then leaves(104 cell plug trays supplier). When they are in early spring, the red bud scales are purple red and glossy. In early spring, flowers come first and then leaves. At the beginning of blooming, the red bud scales stretch out, and the flower buds are densely covered with silver white silks, which is extremely beautiful(square plant pots). It likes fertile and loose slightly acid soil, which is cold resistant and extremely resistant to pruning.

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