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5 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers Saudi Arabia

In Uncle hi's opinion, there are many points to pay attention to no matter what season(40 cell tray in bulk). But in fact, it's also good to maintain the fleshy in summer, because there are many unique characteristics suitable for fleshy growth in summer. As long as you pay more attention to meat, you will grow well(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Summer is always high temperature and humidity, there will be a long time of light every day. You must be prepared for sunshade.

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It takes a long time to have a lot of meat(51 cell trays bulk). For example, in winter, the maximum time to have a little sun is less than three hours, because in a good environment, five or six hours is OK. So in summer, fleshy can absorb enough sunlight to grow. However, if you want to live safely in summer or in the past, you need to prevent sunburn(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). When it's too hot, you need to take sunshade and avoid high temperature measures.(5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)

Of course, the majority of flower friends in the plum rain season and bright season, this time is a high humidity period, in the water for the meat Watson to pay attention to, can not water it at any time(104 cell trays bulk). Summary: Generally speaking, Watson is a kind of succulent plant. It's potted with succulent plants(plastic flower pots bulk). The temperature in many areas is rising rapidly, and the leaves will turn from green to red, and then water it. It's march now.

Luna lotus grows vigorously in spring and can be watered more(72 cell seed starting trays). If the temperature exceeds 35 degrees in summer, it will be out of water and dormant. The dormancy period should be in a cool and ventilated place. It must be too hot for plants to die easily. During the whole dormancy period, there is little or no water supply(long life propagation trays). When the temperature falls in the middle of September, the water supply will be resumed.

(5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)As long as we have more meat at home, we will worry about what to do in summer(128 cell seedling start trays). If the temperature can be kept above 0 ℃ in winter, the water supply can be normal. If the temperature is below 0 ℃, the water will be cut off. Otherwise, Luna lotus is prone to frostbite(planting trays wholesale). At the right time, the water should be given to the root of the plant. Be sure to keep good ventilation. Many flower lovers are worried about high temperature.

Do not spray or give the water(seed plug trays wholesale). If you stay too long, you will easily rot. After the temperature rises in spring, the normal water supply can be recovered gradually. In the spring and autumn growing season of Luna lotus, the sunshine time and ventilation should be increased, otherwise, Luna lotus may grow in vain(nursery tray manufacturers). The soil is mainly loose and permeable, which can be set at the ratio of peat soil to granular soil of about 1:1.

When it comes to sunshades, we should pay attention not to make them too low, otherwise the fleshy ventilation will be affected(128 cell seed starter trays). There will be a lot of thunderstorms in summer. The fleshy people who have been in thunderstorms really grow well. Rainwater is helpful for the growth of plants(72 cell plug trays). In addition, when thunder strikes in summer, nature will produce certain nutrients. In this case, fleshy plants can grow naturally.(5 inch plastic plant pots suppliers saudi arabia)

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