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The time and times of Spraying Rare Earth on the leaf surface are the key technology of rare earth application(128 cell seed starter trays). Therefore, foliar spraying is the most commonly used method when rare earth is used in tree seedling. The spray experiments on the seedlings of Chinese fir(greenhouse trays plastic), Schima superba, Platycladus, Paulownia and poplar showed that the suitable concentration could obviously promote the growth of seedlings and improve the quality of seedlings.

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Seedling workers should pay attention to prevent this phenomenon(seed plug trays wholesale). At present, there are several kinds of rare earth that have been used in forest seedlings, such as rare earth nitrate, rare earth citrate, integrated rare earth group, integrated zinc, integrated boron, warning and cooperation rare earth phase course, integrated rare earth molybdenum boron steel zinc, etc(soil block propagation trays). Root system and diameter continue to grow, enrich winter wear and accumulate nutrients, high growth to the end of mid June sentence.

(5 inch plastic succulent pot wholesale suppliers israel)As far as Larix gmelinii is concerned(32 cell seed starting trays), the effect of eidta rare earth with concentration of 200 μ g / g and integrated rare earth phase with concentration of 600-800 times is better, which can increase seedling height growth by 33.5%, ground diameter growth by 23.7%, dry weight by 57.1% and qualified seedling rate by 16.7%(7 gallon pots distributor). According to the long-term growth of seedlings, tree species can be divided into two categories: spring growth and full-term growth.

In spring, the growth type seedlings sometimes have secondary growth phenomenon(105 cell seed starting trays), that is, the top buds formed in the same year start to grow again in early autumn, which is called autumn growth or secondary growth. If 100-200mg / L rare earth is used to spray Chinese fir seedlings(best microgreen trays), the seedling height and ground diameter will be increased by 16% - 35% and 3% - 5% respectively, and the first and second level seedlings will reach 0% - 95% of the total yield.(5 inch plastic succulent pot wholesale suppliers israel)

Rare earth solution can not increase the respiratory intensity of seeds, so it can obviously promote the germination of seeds(50 cell seed starting trays). This kind of seedlings have a very short growth period of long-term high growth and extended lateral branches, most of which are more than one month or even three months, and only grow once in each growth period(14 gallon pots distributor), generally to the end of high growth before and after May and June (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica seedlings in Jiansanjiang area of Heilongjiang Province).

(5 inch plastic succulent pot wholesale suppliers israel)In the experiment of Larix gmelinii, rare earth was sprayed at the early stage of seedling, once every 20 days, three times a year(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). After the growth of the growth type seedlings in spring, the high growth of the trunk and the extended growth of the lateral branches are completed in a short period of time(lavender plug trays wholesale), and the nutrients used are mainly accumulated in the last year, such as the secondary growth of Korean pine seedlings if the strong sunlight in autumn exceeds 14 hours.

The causes of secondary growth are relatively complex, which can be roughly summarized into three points(105 cell seedling trays wholesale): first, the influence of mother tree genetic factors; second, the high temperature in autumn, too much nitrogen fertilizer in the nursery, or too much soil moisture, which is easy to promote the secondary growth of seedlings(succulent propagation tray); third, the long time of strong sunlight in autumn will also promote the secondary growth. The growth type in spring can also be called early growth type.

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