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50 Cell Plant Trays Wholesale Suppliers Trinidad and Tobago

The color is preferably black, the opening is square or inverted(72 cell plant trays bulk). The opening is conical or not inverted trapezoidal tray, the root of the seedling will grow around the circumference, which has an adverse effect on the development of the root; if the selected tray is transparent and has a high light transmission capacity, the root Direct exposure to light may result in death, so it is advisable to use a black, inverted trapezoidal or square mouth plate when selecting(seed starter trays). The number of holes in the tray. Different types of vegetables should choose different numbers of trays.

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(50 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)The best choice for solanaceous fruit is 72-hole trays, the best for melons is 50-hole trays(105 cell plant trays bulk), and the best for peppers is 105-hole trays. How to choose the mechanism and fill the plug? How to choose the substrate: the final effect of the seedling effect, the matrix plays the most important role, the seedlings used after and some of the seedlings appear to have poor quality or uneven growth, seedlings It is quite weak(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the biggest reason for not choosing the right matrix is to pay attention to the following points in how to choose the matrix:

The first point must have a proper capacity for water and substrate, and it can maintain a certain degree of moisture(128 cell plant trays bulk). The second point must have proper porosity. While maintaining moisture, it must also ensure a certain degree of gas permeability. Provide adequate moisture during the seedling process, and for pH, it is generally necessary to maintain a pH of 5.5-6. The materials used in the matrix must be consistent(plug trays wholesale). For the filling of the plug: first the substrate is sprayed with water to wet.(50 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)

There is about 60% of the water content, and it can be put into a group, but you can't drop the water from the finger joints(162 cell plug trays supplier). After you let go, you have to try the group, but you can spread it with your hand. When filling it, it should be uniformly filled with uniform standards. The material to be filled should be kept in a uniform quantity. After the seeding is completed, it can be better and uniform when it is emerged, and it is more convenient to manage(black plastic nursery pots). What to look out for when punching the substrate and seeding it later:

(50 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers trinidad and tobago)The depth of the different types of vegetables is different(200 cell plug trays supplier). The type of solanaceous fruit needs to be drilled about 1 cm, the leaf type should be about 0.5 cm, and the melon should be about 1.5 cm; the depth of the hole is different because The difference in seed size (punch). This method can be used to avoid the spread of soil-borne diseases before sowing. Use a chemical for prevention(plastic nursery pots wholesale). You can use a solution diluted 800 times with chlorothalonil to spray, and put the seeds directly into the small holes.

In the case of covering, it is necessary to maintain proper gas permeability and humidity around the seed(200 cell plant trays bulk). When the cover is flat, large particles of vermiculite can be used. After the completion of the cover, in order to prevent the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, it is necessary to spray the chlorothalonil solution once, then Attach the mulch to keep the water, and the rest is waiting for the seedling to grow(plastic nursery pots). How to manage the long seedling period after sowing: For the management of water: After the cover material, it should be poured with water once, and the amount of watering must be large this time.

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