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50 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale Price Honduras

The selection of plant species is appropriate(plastic nursery pots wholesale), depending on the size of the room, lighting conditions and personal preferences, there are times. To fully consider the weak natural lighting conditions in the room, choose more plant species such as red iron tree, wrinkle leaf pepper, flower leaf spring vine, fruit stalk and green radish(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), monstera, evergreen, brown bamboo, text Bamboo, bamboo, sea bream, bluegrass, rubber tree, Clivia, Dutch iron, Brazilian wood, etc.

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(50 cell seedling trays wholesale price honduras)Reasonable allocation of indoor plant configuration should choose a position with a good line of sight(plastic nursery pots), that is, a position that is pleasing to the eye from any angle. Generally good visual effect is the line of sight from 2.1 to 2 meters above the ground. At the same time, we must pay attention to the arrangement and combination of plants, such as “before low and then high”, “small leaves in front, and green in the back”(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). To increase the coolness of the room, a dense arrangement can be placed at the corner of the room to create a jungle atmosphere.

The choice of color and harmony leaf color should be in harmony with the color of the wall and furniture(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Do not wear dark green plants such as green or brown walls, otherwise it will be sullen. In addition, different functions of the room should also be different in leaf color selection, the study should create a sense of tranquility, mainly white, yellow (or marking), light pink, etc.; bedroom to increase the sense of relaxation, leaf color to light green It is better(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Proper placement should take into account the lighting conditions of the room. If the flowers are too dense, they may cause large shadows in the room.

(50 cell seedling trays wholesale price honduras)Therefore, generally tall woody foliage plants should be placed at the corners of the corners(seed starter trays), cabinets or behind the sofas, so that the furniture blocks the lower part of the plants, so that their upper parts stick out, thus changing the shape and atmosphere of the space. It is advisable to use less and fine interior decoration plants, which should be less and more refined. Don’t put too much and too messy. At the same time, the choice of flower shape should also take into account the shape of the furniture(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), such as the back side of the couch, put a pot higher, Straight plants can break the stiffness of the sofa and produce a rhythmic beauty with high and low variations.

Some sedative acids, such as ornamental pineapples and cacti(plug trays wholesale), can also release oxygen at night. Therefore, placing a variety of potted plants in the room means having a home oxygen bar. For example, plants having significant bactericidal action against volatile oils include rose, osmanthus, violet, jasmine, lemon, rose, carnation, lily of the valley, and crape myrtle(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Among them, plants such as crape myrtle, jasmine, and lemon can kill native bacteria such as diphtheria and dysentery in 5rain.

(50 cell seedling trays wholesale price honduras)The fragrances of plants such as rose(black plastic nursery pots), carnation, lily of the valley, violet, rose, and osmanthus can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of some microorganisms such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, pneumococci, and staphylococcus. Some plants are sterilized by secretions such as cypress, eucalyptus, skunk, etc., which reduce the amount of microorganisms in the air. For example, the aroma of geranium and lemon flower can improve sleep, calm the nerves, treat neurasthenia(bulk 10 gallon pots), place the basin in front of the bed, can induce people to sleep, and improve the quality of sleep.

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