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65 Gallon Smart Grow Bags Manufacturers

Sunflower is a dicotyledonous plant(plastic nursery pots). It is recommended that potted sunflowers do not need to be topped, and more single flowers are preferred. The hydrating water during the growth period of the sunflower should adopt the dip method. First, prepare a large basin or bucket for water, and then put the whole pot into a large basin or bucket with a certain depth of water(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), so that the water in the container is submerged in the flower.(65 gallon smart grow bags manufacturers)

Because at this stage, the plant shape of the plant is relatively tall and tall, the foliage is very luxuriant(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the water consumption is very large, so it should be replenished in time. Especially in the high temperature weather and strong sunlight in summer, it is necessary to do the hydration work for the plants(bulk 2 gallon containers), so as to avoid the leaves being wilted due to the lack of water of the plants, inhibiting the growth of the plants and affecting the flowering effect.

In general, the first time the potted sunflower is watered until the bottom of the basin is vented and the drain hole has water flowing out(black plastic nursery pots). In other cases, it is necessary to take appropriate watering measures. On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid water accumulation in the basin. On the other hand, there is no phenomenon of water shortage and dehydration of the plants(2 gallon plant pots distributor). Under normal circumstances, it is better to keep the soil in a moist state.

(65 gallon smart grow bags manufacturers)Two-thirds of the pot. It should also be adequately watered when the buds appear before the flowering period(cell trays). Do not carry out large pouring and irrigation after a long drought, and it will cause problems in the growth of the plants. This completes the hydration work on the plants. When watering the plants(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) , you can't pour too much at a time, because too much watering will make the pots too moist, causing the leaves to yellow.

If the water in the container is too deep(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), you can put bricks or other objects on the bottom of the pot, and make sure that the water in the container can only be submerged to two-thirds of the pot. Of course, when watering, it should be gradual. Method for prevention(1 gallon plant pots distributor). In the case of onset, it can be sprayed with methyl thiophanate wettable powder to achieve prevention.

 Potted sunflowers(wholesale nursery pots), because of their rapid growth and developed roots, except for the low demand for water when the temperature is low, the pots are taken out of the water when the whole pot is basically wet. Sunflower is easy to breed powdery mildew, black spot, bacterial leaf spot, rust (prevailing in high humidity), stem rot and other diseases(bulk 4 gallon pots), can be disinfected by the substrate, properly watered, ensure air circulation, spray fungicides, etc.(65 gallon smart grow bags manufacturers)

Just fine. It is very difficult to top out the soil(cheap 2 gallon container). When it meets the heavy rain, the soil will be tied. After the transplant, all the friends should not think that the task will be over after the transplant. In the next month, so it can be After 20 days of germination, spray the B9 dilution onto the foliage(3 gallon pots manufacturer). If you apply it to the flowerbed landscape, you can do a topping, which will grow more side branches and grow more discs.

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