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6in Plastic Planter Pots Wholesale Suppliers Philippines

The seedling stage of hot pepper is in autumn(greenhouse supplies pots). At this time, the climate is more appropriate, so that seeds can germinate quickly. Before sowing, disinfect the seedbed, turn the soil deeply, mix in organic fertilizer, and spray disinfectant. Seeds should be exposed to the sun for two days, or disinfected by potassium permanganate, and then soaked in warm water for one night. The seeds were evenly sprinkled on the seedbed, covered with 1 cm of fine soil, sprayed with water and covered with plastic film(cell trays). The seedlings emerge in about a week, watering them in time and ventilating them properly.

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(6in plastic planter pots wholesale suppliers philippines)Chili peppers are usually grown in autumn, so the seedling stage is also in this season(propagation tray). At this time, the temperature is more suitable for growth, and avoid the long rainy season, will not cause poor growth because of rainwater, and is not easy to get various viral diseases. Before nursery, it is necessary to disinfect the seedbed, usually 10-20 days in advance. The soil on the seedbed should be turned over deeply, and the appropriate amount of organic fertilizer should be added as the base fertilizer(wholesale greenhouse pots). After that, the seedbed was leveled and disinfected by spraying disinfectant.

The seeds were exposed to the sun for two days(plastic grow pots), which could not only sterilize effectively, but also promote Post-ripening and greatly improve the germination rate. It can also be soaked in potassium permanganate and other solutions. It can be used only when it is diluted to pink. The soaking time is about 20-30 minutes. Then wash it and soak it overnight in warm water. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the seedbed, then cover the fine soil about 1 cm, and spray appropriate amount of water(gallon nursery pots). If the ambient temperature is low, it can be covered with plastic film, which can play the role of heat preservation and moisture retention.

(6in plastic planter pots wholesale suppliers philippines)If you plant on the ground, you must first tidy up the soil(plug trays). Generally, the seedlings can emerge in about a week. After emergence, the seedlings should be watered in time to keep the matrix moist. And proper ventilation is helpful to the growth of seedlings. It has strong adaptability and can grow in various soils. It is better to provide soft sandy loam to ensure air permeability and drainage, so that water will not accumulate in the soil(flat plastic tray). In order to ensure adequate nutritional supplement, a little decomposed organic fertilizer should be added to ensure the fertility of the soil.

Go directly to the seed shop to buy some seeds(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), you can plant directly, it is very good to survive. In order to increase the growth rate, it is better to soak it in warm water, which can promote germination. Four seasons in a year can be planted, usually in spring and autumn. Spring is from late February to early June, autumn is from late July to late September, and autumn is the best(black plastic plant pots). Before planting, prepare a suitable flowerpot, not too big, and then fill in the prepared soil.(6in plastic planter pots wholesale suppliers philippines)

Sprinkle the treated seeds on the soil, pay attention to the spacing, not too close(gallon plant pot). Because the seeds are too small, in order to prevent being blown away by the wind, they can be covered with a thin layer of soil, not too thick to affect the emergence of seedlings. After the potted soil is prepared, the seeds are placed on the surface of the potted soil and covered with a layer of fine soil. Don't plant the seed too deep, so as not to affect its emergence. After sowing, water it through and put it in a ventilated place. Generally, it can germinate in about 5 days(square nursery pots). When it grows to 10 centimeters, it needs to be sprayed with water to maintain high air humidity.

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