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7 Gallon Nursery Trade Pots Canada

Avoid drought. Many people may water the water when they think of it(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When they can't think of it, they don't care for a few dozen days. When they find that the bonsai leaves are wilting, they quickly hydrate and hydrate, although the leaves quickly return to normal, but the leaves quickly return to normal. This is just a reaction of the plastic flower pot bonsai to adapt to the environment(72 cell seedling trays). If it is so long, the excessive evaporation will eventually make the bonsai very difficult, and then dehydrated to death. Taboo stagnation.

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(7 gallon nursery trade pots canada)Under normal circumstances(plastic nursery pots), in order to avoid the sun's high temperature damage, when the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum temperature that the plastic flower pot bonsai can tolerate, the bonsai should be moved to the low temperature area where the light is weak, so that the bonsai grows healthily, but if it suddenly Moving into a low temperature area indoors or without light, in a few days, the leaves of the bonsai will fall off and quickly shrink and die(50 cell plug trays). Taboo fertilization. The summer temperature is high, and the leaf surface of the bonsai loses water faster.

At this time, fertilization will cause the bonsai cell fluid concentration to be lower than the external environment concentration(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), causing the plant cell water to flow to the soil, and the bonsai will lose water and die. Taboo water stains. When the ambient temperature is higher than 28 degrees Celsius, the plastic flower pot bonsai should be protected from the shade. Otherwise, the amount of water that the bonsai can obtain from the soil is much lower than the evaporation of the sun, so that the water loses too much, and the leaf edge burns and burns off(cheap perlite). In addition, the bonsai was severely damaged by the sun.

(7 gallon nursery trade pots canada)Taboo in the afternoon bath(plastic nursery pots wholesale). At noon in midsummer, you can't spray water to the bonsai under the sun or water the plastic pot. This will cause the bonsai temperature to suddenly drop below the ambient temperature and hurt the bonsai. In fact, many flower plants have been used for operation. If you feel that the flow is unfavorable, you can place flowers and plants for transfer(plastic plant trays). However, due to the many plants that are shipped, what kind of plastic flowerpot flower varieties are suitable for placement? What are the precautions?

Rich bamboo. Suitable for placement: home(plastic seed trays). Role: symbolizes wealth, rich bamboo, also known as "Wan Nianzhu", is a very popular "money tree". Note: Do not water too much, otherwise it will easily cause roots to rot. cactus. Suitable for placement: office. Role: placed in the office to prevent villains, increase self-defense ability(1020 microgreen trays). Note: Barbed cactus can't be placed in the bedroom because it can lead to family disputes.(7 gallon nursery trade pots canada)

Chrysanthemum Suitable for placement: home(black plastic nursery pots). Role: prolong life, increase the welfare, is conducive to stabilize the gas field magnetic field. Matters needing attention: longevity chrysanthemum, cosmos, etc. are suitable for placement at home, but need to pay attention to the sun exposure time, but also timely control of pests and diseases. Daffodil. Suitable for placement: home. Role: to avoid evil, to give people a good fortune, but also to make money(seedling tray 128 holes). Note: Daffodils are like a green onion before they bloom in plastic pots, so it is important to keep it fresh.

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